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How do i get to Krokotopia?

Dec 19, 2008
Okay, I've Made Loads Of Wizards And I Can Remember How To Get To Kroktopia So Easily!


You Beat All Three Streets (Alicane Swiftarrow, Harvest Lord, General Akilles)

You Then Go To Merle Ambrose, He Will Give You A Quest For Colossus Boulevard And A Quest To Fight Foulgaze In Olde Town.

Defeat Foulgaze and Then he Will Send You To Lord Nightshade In Haunted Cave

After That He Will Find A Key In Nightshade's Stuff and Give You It To Investigate Behind The Waterfall

You Will Talk To Dworgyn And Then Report Back To Merle And He Will Send You To Krokotopia Giving You A Spiral Key

Walk Up To Bartleby The World Tree In Ravenwood And Talk To Him And Then You Will Be Able To Enter His Body.

After You Are In Krokotopia You Will Meet A Nice Mander Named Tinu Who Will Help Continue Your Journey

NOTE: Must Be Subscribed Or Have Crowns To Unlock Krokotopia
NOTE 2: Sunken City Is Only A Dungeon For "Fun" It Is Not Apart Of The Main Storyline At All!

Mar 18, 2010
At one point, Headmaster Ambrose will send you on a quest to deafeat Foulgaze in Olde Town. After you beat him, you have to fight Lord Nightshade in the haunted cave house. After beating him, not only do you get 355 xp, Headmaster Amborse will send you to Kroktopia. You need a subscription or 915 crowns to go there. The islands in Kroktopia cost around 950 crowns. Kroktopia is my favorite world so far :-)

Jun 13, 2010
You will have to either make a friend go there then teleport to them, or try your best in wizardcity. Wizardcity is easy. I am in dragonspyre. almost celestia. it was easy no need to fret about it either!

May 08, 2010
bowerz27 wrote:
I just subscribed and I want to visit the new places. Anyone know how to get there?
you can get there by finishing wisard city :-D

Feb 17, 2011
bowerz27 wrote:
I just subscribed and I want to visit the new places. Anyone know how to get there?
you have to defeet the

wrath do do do he is hard

Apr 03, 2011
May 31, 2009
to get to Krokotopia you need to go to a spiral door and then click "krokotopia" then click "go to world" ,wait a minute and you'll be there.

Dec 21, 2010
Hi this is MarkDeathFriend. Once you subscribe you can go to Cyclops Lane and Fire Cat Alley. You need to complete Fire Cat Alley and then talk to the Headmaster. When you finish he gives you two quests. Pick the bottom one. Be careful you will need friends that can help you with this quest. He will say to go and defeat Foul gaze in Old Town. Once you defeat him you go back to the headmaster to get the next step. Once you talk to the headmaster then he will say that you need to defeat nightshade in haunted cave. ( People who don't know it is in Triton Avenue ) You will also need friends that can help you to defeat nightshade. Once you defeat him you will have to go back to the headmaster. The headmaster will say that you should look inside the death school. The death school is pass the water fountain near Rainbow Bridge. You go in to look inside. Once you finish looking you go back to the Headmaster and he will give you the spiral key to go to Krokotopia.
From MarkDeathFriend LvL 34 currently in Mooshu.

Jan 31, 2011
You have to beat the main quests of Firecat Alley, Cyclops Lane, and Triton Avenue.

Sep 30, 2010
May 21, 2011

1. complete unicorn way.

2. complete either cyclops lane, triton avenue, or firecat alley.

3. when you complete step 2, complete the other 2 streets mentioned there. (i would start on triton, then cyclops, then firecat.)

4.when you complete these streets, ambrose will give you 2 quests. One is "colossal trouble" the other is "a look of horror." choose one. ("colossal trouble" isn't required to get to Krokotopia but i would choose that one first.)

5.(if you don't want to do "colossal trouble", ignore this step.) "colossal trouble" will lead you to colossus blvd. again colossus blvd isn't required but i would do it if i were you. When you complete colossus blvd, talk to Ambrose and get "a look of horror".

6. "a look of horror" is about defeating Foulgaze the ghost. When you defeat him, you get a key to stormdrain tower in the Haunted cave.

7. when you defeat foulgaze, talk to Ambrose. He will give you a quest called "the dark of nightshade". you MUST do this quest to get to Krokotopia. "the dark of nightshade" will lead you to defeating lord nightshade, the FINAL boss of wizard city. (i know 2 bosses in a row!)

8. when you defeat lord nightshade, you will get a note, and a skeleton key. the note says something about Nightside, (the door behind the waterfall), and the key is to unlock it. take these to Ambrose and he will give you a quest to go there.

9. when you get there, talk to Dworgyn, (the subsitute death teacher.) yes, the death school is located here.

10. when you're done with dworgyn, go back to talk to Ambrose. he will give you a spiral key to go to Krokotopia.

hint:some people say they can't go inside bartlebey. that's cause you need at least 1 spiral key, and when you get the 1st key you have to TALK to him before he'll let you in.

note: there is no level requirement.


Zachary Liondreamer,lvl 16 balance,secondary fire.
don't let the sand in your eyes, or the sun will BURN YOU! literally, watch out for this in Krokotopia.

Mar 28, 2009
:P The awnser is simple all you have to do is finish wizard city by defeating Lord NightShade. You do not have to do any side quests to go to krokotopia and any other worlds.

Aug 24, 2010
vb23 wrote:
DPVSaint wrote:
Colossus Boulevard DOES need to be beaten in order to get there. I remember after I beat Colossus Boulevard, Merle Ambrose aloud me to go to Krokotopia.

No Colossus does not have to be beat. All you have to do is be a 3 streets savior, then you are sent on a quest to defeat Foulgaze, and after that Lord Nightshade. You are sent to explore Nightside and once you do talk to the Headmaster, and then he will send you to Krokotopia. :D

I'm already a 3 STs savior and i have NOT been asked to defeat Foulgaze ( whatever that is)!!!!!!!!

Mar 24, 2011
bowerz27 wrote:
I just subscribed and I want to visit the new places. Anyone know how to get there?

i am going around finding easy thing people should know you might see my other comments but to the point at lvl fifteen ambrose will ask you to go beat nightshade and then you'll get to go to krokatopia

christo darkflame master pyromancer

Mar 24, 2011
ulfpakki wrote:
seanryder01 wrote:
all you gotta do is beat lord nightshade or foulgaze,then you'll be asked to travel to krokotopia.

Sean Fireblade,magus pyromancer

I've beaten Foulgaze and Nightshade aeveral times and still can't get to Krokotopia.

Amber Drakesinger

only works if ambrose told you to

Jan 07, 2011
i got to krokotopia after i defeated foulgaze and visited nightside

May 25, 2011
About level 12 you get a quest that at the end you fight lordnightshade then enjoy . dont go looking for it . it will come to you. :D

Mar 07, 2009
Hi! :-) I'm Suri Raventalon and I'll gladly help you with this! I've made step by step instructions just for you! (I believe you have a subscription to Wizard101.) I suggest printing this out so you can check things off.
1) Complete all of the streets you can enter through Olde Town (Firecat Alley, Triton Avenue, and Cyclops Lane.)
2) After completing Cyclops Lane, speak to Merle Ambrose and you will discover two quests, one of them is to defeat Foulgaze. You can find Foulgaze in Saphyra's Tower in Olde Town. Defeat him and the field guard.
3) Speak to Merle Ambrose again. This time, he will give you a quest to defeat Lord Nightshade. He is located in Stormdrain Tower in Haunted Cave. Turn on quest helper to help you find him.
*Helpful Tips* Mark your location in front of Stormdrain Tower, as it might take you a few tries to defeat Lord Nightshade. Consider inviting friends to help you defeat him and the field guard. Fill up your potions, too.
*Cool Fact* Lord Nightshade might drop fun objects when you defeat him, including Black Cat pets, a Jar of Brains, or even mounts! Cool!
4) After your triumphant defeat, speak to Merle Ambrose. He will tell you to explore Rainbow Bridge in The Commons. Go underneath the waterfall of the bridge. You will discover a door with a skull in it. Go inside.
5) Explore the newly discovered Nightside, which is the sad remains of the Death School. Speak to Dworgyn, whom is a hag. He will give you a card based upon your school.
6) Talk to Merle Ambrose. He will give you a quest to talk to Bartebly.
*Cool Fact* Wizard City is growing underneath Bartebly's roots. Cool!
7) Talk to Bartebly, located in Ravenwood, (he's big, so he isn't too hard to find) and go inside.
8) Locate the door in the middle. Your adventure in Krokotopia awaits! :-D
I hope this helps you! :3

Aug 05, 2009
Beat unicorn way,cyclops lane,triton avenue and firecat alley. After you have beaten all four, Merle Ambrose should have a quest for you to beat somebody called Lord Nightshade. After defeating him, you'll get a quest to go to Krokotopia.

Apr 16, 2011
On my sister's account, she got to K roktopia and she was level 12. I'm level 17 and I still have'nt gotten there yet. Did I make some kind of mistake?

May 23, 2009
xXRaikouXx wrote:
basically, beat firecat alley, triton avenue, cyclops lane, and colossus boulevard. also unicorn way.

no, i'm in krokatopia and i didn't beat colossus boulevard.

Jun 16, 2011
Okay lvls= 12+25 i hope you are any of those lvls then you should have it :x

May 08, 2011
some people say u gotta beat colssuss and some say u dont.
im confusud :? anonymous

Sep 19, 2009
Jul 11, 2011
KingGuin wrote:
I've read through all the notes posted. Headmaster Ambrose has given me the quest to go to Krokotopia. The quest arrow directs me to the tree. But I can't get in. Any suggestions?

Hey,did you talk to the tree? If not, thats why :D