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Help Wanted for Balor

Jun 03, 2012
I really need help with Balor, I've queued in Team Up for like an hour and a half once, and no one joined. I've been stuck on him for about 2 weeks now. I would really like help, Balor is in the Sardonyx, and if you need his cheats then Check Wizard101 Central on him. If you would like to help, please reply and we can set up a time. Monday-Friday from 1Am (lol) to 5PM I can't play since I have school. On weekends I can get on at anytime. We can Please I really really need help, my friends are mostly offline, and the ones that are on only got to max and stopped questing so their in like Radiance Reborn and Ruined Alcazar and they don't want to quest until they have full darkmoor or are Warlord like its annoying. I would like any help from any school, :D Thank you all for reading. If I get help I will comment.

Savannah DuskShard-Level 100
Savannah LifeShard- Level 50 Warlord
Savannah FrostShard- Level 30 Warlord

Jun 03, 2012
Sorry I didn't mention this, but I am on Eastern time. 3 hours ahead of Western, 2 hours ahead of mountain, 1 hour ahead from central. Anywhere else in the world, well I wouldn't think ye would be playing on the US servers.

Have a good one =D

Feb 19, 2012
so I am seeing this 10 days later but you say you been stuck for 2 weeks now lol sorry but if ya would like help ok ill meet ya in khrysalis in bastion in scarecrow realm say 730 pm I also am eastern time my wizard is liam stormbrand exalted fire I am one third of


Jun 03, 2012
I beat him a long time ago, finally got some people in team up. Thanks anyway for the reply :D I actually beat the game already.

Once again thanks for the reply.

Dec 10, 2012
I completed this like yesterday without any help I didn't use any heals maybe I got lucky. I was down to 1.5k health when I killed him. I went in without knowing he would be hard. When I went in and I searched his cheats up I was afraid asked a friend to help me but he couldn't port because I was already in. I went yolo style no heals, just Max blades, pierce bubble, shrike and I killed him :D he didn't remove my blades with enfeebled and I thank the almighty lord RNGesus for that.