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Any tips for the second boss?

Jun 18, 2013
*Please note that I do not want to hear, just buy a henchman silly!
I'm a level 91 storm who died on the third turn of this fight. I have 2,900ish health. My robe and hat are water works, while my boots pretty much give the same stats as water works boots, but instead give only fire and ice resist. I have an 87% power pip chance. The sheer damage output up front killed me before I could even do anything. On the first turn she used judgement, which did 1.7k damage to me with the critical she got. Right now the only strategy I have for the fight is optimally to kill on turn 4 by blading on the first 2 turns, mass prisming on the 3rd turn, and then killing the minions on the 4th with storm lord. That is if the game decides to bless me with those cards, which lets face it, it probably won't. I just don't know what to do other than fighting it over and over, waiting for the perfects roll of the dice.

A+ Student
Dec 24, 2009
If you want to guarantee that the right cards come up fast, pack ONLY those cards into your spell deck and take out everything else.

In this case, plan your offense turn by turn, which blades, prisms and enchantments you will use. Since you know a Judgment is coming, pack a Tower shield (treasure is fine!) and pull it out as your very first move. Just in case you don't take out the boss on with your Storm Lord, have another hit with blades and traps packed. Maybe consider packing a heal to recover after you take down the mobs. And that's it. Don't take anything else.

You could also consider changing some of your gear. There is a crafted ring in Avalon that gives 45 critical block to Balance, for example. Blade of Felled Titan/Alpha & Omega ring both give universal critical block, plus damage & healing boosts. Do you have them?

You may need to change your boots to something more generally defensive. My Storm (level 92) is using the level 86 Ice/Storm crafted boots because of their high universal block and 7% universal resist.

Another option is trying to find another person to go into this battle with you. Try a populated realm, or try the team-up. (Having one other person with you can make a huge difference.)

Good luck!
Alia Misthaven

Aug 03, 2016
Second boss where?

You are higher level than I am, so I can't help with advice but I thought I would help you clarify your post so others could.

Jul 18, 2010
It's pretty challenging to solo on storm, due to the extremely low health/defense, and the insane critical of bosses, so don't even feel bad. My advice to you is to purchase treasure cards like storm blades, elemental blades, tower shields, and dryads (especially those last two). You're going to need a lot of shields. Also, dryad can be used for any number of pips which is why I like to use it over satyr when I am not playing as a life wizard. I would probably keep fleeing the fight until it has you going first. Your strategy sounds good, but It's probably smartest to shield the first round. I'm not sure what your secondary schools are, but if ice, put plenty of tower shields. If life, pack a bunch of satyrs.. If death, pack some feints. Always try to predict what the enemy is going to do; watch out for their pips. Try not to overstuff your deck either (something I often fail to do).

Sorry for that all over the place ramble.

If you're still having trouble, then just get somebody to help you or use team up. Good luck . I know you can do it!

Jun 18, 2013
Thanks for the suggestions, I'll try them out. Oh and btw, the storm lord wouldn't even come close to killing the boss, though she did a large some of damage, she's pretty much useless by herself. That's why I don't like spells like judgement, they leave you unable to use any substantial cards after using it. To be honest I only fought the boss once before calling it quits, I was in a very bad mood after the 3 storm bosses in twin giants, followed by 2 bosses in a row that have 2 storm minions. Though, putting things other than feint in my tc deck is a good idea, I guess i'm just so used to using only feint tcs, that I didn't even think of putting tower in XD. SparkleTude , it's the second boss in khrysalis, the one who's testing you to see if you're worthy of serving in Morganth's army.