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Your Questions and Tips for August 2021 KI Live

KI Live for this month is coming up! We're gathering all your questions and gameplay tips, so ask below and your post may be selected for the show!

Feb 12, 2015
Gamelay tip: Do not forget about inventory management! If you are finding that you are having problems with clutter in your inventory, make sure to get rid of what you don't need by selling it or putting it in your bank. Your Backpack will thank you.

Question: As an avid Monstrology fan, I cannot help but ask. How much do you enjoy the system, and is there anything in articular you enjoy doing with it? (Mine is collecting House Guests.)

Oct 16, 2014
Is shadow pip conversion ever coming back?

I thought of a "minion stat" that modifies their values and posted in Dorms. Do you think its a good solution?

Jan 15, 2013
question- will we be seeing morganthe again and is she in the nothing ?

May 07, 2010
QUESTION: it has been over a year since the 2020 player character model update. however, the models still have some visual problems, bugs, and limited or missing customization that players have given a lot of feedback on. with KI's new push towards inclusion initiatives like name changes and expanded dye colors, can we ever expect more improvements to our character models to polish & add more options to them?


Jun 19, 2018
Gameplay Tip: Certain bosses in the game have deceptive Resistances, make sure to look it up before taking an enemy down!

Apr 18, 2013

Can we get data on Scroll of Fortune purchases - (keep in mind the current Scroll still has time to be purchased)
-How many have bought all Scrolls?
-Is it more popular to buy a Scroll in the first few days, the last few days, or somewhere in-between?
-Do most Scroll buyers wait until there is some sort of sale (eg: crowns reward weekend)?
-What's the breakdown of Scrolls bought at the 7500c price vs 15,000c price?
-Will we be seeing changes in some of the items many consider blasé (eg: 3 augmentation runes at tier 7)


Train as many pets as you can but stop 1 pet game short of leveling to ancient or above (epic, mega, ultra). Do this during double pet xp benefit and make sure to not level it. Once double reagent benefit begins, level them all! Like this, your pet tokens will double.

Apr 15, 2014
Question: Can we expect some improvements on the crafting recipe for the Azteca Crafting Quest, since it is hard for wizards to obtain Potent Trap TC, because of the low drop rate?

Aug 20, 2009
Beastmoon Idols:
Idols (gold or otherwise) have been very scarce, making it very difficult open a form or increase tiers.
Additionally there was no opportunity during this last Mayhem to craft idols.
What plans does KI have to improve this situation?

Aug 03, 2020
BTS Questions

1. Would it be possible to look forward to more interactive roles that the W101 community could be apart of to work (whether voluntary or even as an external job) alongside the KI Team, if not already?
2. I've also seen that you could work for KI but it's strictly internal within Texas. Would that soon open up where jobs could be in other states and mostly over technology communication?
3. Could we look forward to more interactive features between the community members in the near future?
4. I've noticed that the community seems to be filling in more and more. This is more of a curiosity question, but how frequent has the community grown with the ratio of the past year?
5. Circling back to features, what're some things to come in the game in general? Or at least in the works of discussion.
6. Funsies Question: What's a favorite throwback feature, items, or items?
I was wondering if it would be possible to see more interactive ways in responding and features ideas and voices of the community. Somewhat like a newsletter, or maybe even a pinned topic in The Dorms if it makes it easier. Basically it would consist of gathering a lot of feedback ideas and questions and producing it into a discussion after talking about it the respective KI Team. It could help with answering repetitive mentions and instead do away with it in bulk and it could also essentially dissect noteworthy questions asked more in depth!
(Seems Interactive is the keyword of this post.)
Note: I really enjoy this community a lot, and I'd love to generally see more ways that KI Team and committed W101 Wizzles can be more >interactive< since a community is built on both team and players. So I wanted to highlight some of my questions and tip (singular) about it and see the realism behind its possibilities.

Jan 11, 2013
Question: Describe Lemuria in 4 words.

Tip: Find a group of players to quest with, but worried you'll lose track of each other while offline. Create an adventure party with up to 4 players in a group to make a "permanent group", which won't expire for 30 days! This makes communication miles easier, especially when speeding through quests.

Jun 16, 2010
Sparck on Aug 17, 2021 wrote:
KI Live for this month is coming up! We're gathering all your questions and gameplay tips, so ask below and your post may be selected for the show!
Hey Spark!

With the addition of the new Fall Scroll of fortune, we notice there is a new pack in here, the "Grim Ferryman Pack".
When can we expect this to hit the crowns shop, as it currently stands the only way to receive it is through completing part of the scroll.

Thanks! xoxo