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Questions and Tips for March 2020 KI Live

Wizards! Post your KI Live questions here if you want a chance to have them featured on the show! ONE question and/or tip PER PLAYER. If we see any spamming of questions or tips, we will automatically discount your submissions.

Keep in mind that we literally receive hundreds of submissions and only a handful are able to be answered. We will do our best to prioritize!

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KI Live is set for March 26 at 4pm CT

Thank you!

Apr 08, 2015
Question: If there any plans for new gardening quest and spells?

Nov 25, 2012
Question to KI Live:

In Hrundle Fjord, there is a signboard near where grandmother raven tree is, with the names (in ghrizzleheim language) : nick, tammy, dale, greg, jeff, kyle, erik, jenn, tim, amy, saren, trent, luck, vlad, kate and kim.
What's the story behind it?

Jul 16, 2010
Question: What is the best way to get the good stuff from a pack? Buy a whole bunch at once or spread it out over a period of time?

Tip: Save training points at the beginning of the game. You do need a secondary school eventually but not right away. Instead invest in shields if you can which you can buy from Sabrina Greenstar at the Fairgrounds in Wizard City.

Jan 11, 2009

Is there any plans for new crafted or gold purchased housing? (Similar to the houses for each of the worlds in the first arc)

Jun 25, 2014
Question: Are there any plans on expanding the ability to buy spells via crowns instead of just crafting or packs?

Jan 15, 2013
i was wondering if we will find out what the nothing is and or if there will be a new world soon

Mar 22, 2011
I'm not sure if the zone pricing is updated but, I think you guys should start selling zones in "bundles" for a set price rather than one zone for basically 1k-2k crowns each or more. For example, you guys should merge six-seven zones for 3.5k like you guys did for Kroktopia. I find it weird, sad, and unnecessary that zones are at an "affordable" price for beginning worlds(Wizard City, Kroktopia, and a bit of Grizzleheim) and then skyrocket as you continue leveling. I also feel like some zones are at an outrageous price such as Wysteria, it is a side world and only a total of 3 zones; but it costs 3k crowns which is 500 crowns less than 6 zones in Kroktopia. I understand that "renting" the zones is an option, but all my wizards are at different places and unless they're all in the same world, renting zones is a waste of crowns. Either ways, renting zones are (if I'm correct) only for dungeons and not the actual worlds/zones itself.

Also, sorry for the informality... This is my first post and I'm not sure if I should say "you guys" or "KI". Regardless, I hope you guys are able to read my suggestion/tip.

Sep 01, 2009
Tip: Remember there are "hidden" spell trainers (like Mortis in Nightside) with school-specific spells!

Question: Is KI considering adding fishing to higher worlds like Polaris?

Aug 13, 2017
How close are you to making wizard101&Pirate101 Catalina compatible

Feb 28, 2014
Question: Is Kingsisle considering unlocking the rest of Wiizrd City "free to play" in the near future?

May 06, 2013
Does KI have plans to add shadow blade, shadow shield and shadow trap in the game as a trainable spell?

Apr 18, 2013
Hello friends,

I wanted to ask what we can expect for April Fool's Day (like if we might 'see' any invisible items like a mount, pet, or gear, etc)

… but, with what the world is going through today, I turn my question to simply ask if everyone at KingsIsle is safe And, how all of you are taking safety precautions while working on our beloved escape-from-reality game?

Wash your wizards' hands and follow safety guidelines during this time of crisis. And keep safe!

Mar 31, 2013
hello i have a question for membership i got it last night with 10,00 crowns and the buyback training points is not worki ng you know you can get free training points back so plz help me