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New 2019 Fishing Tournament! June 14-16 and 21-23

‘Ello there, Wizards! Lucky Hookline here with an amazin’ opportunity an’ a fun event happening right here in Wizard101! We’re havin’ ourselves another fishin’ tournament and everyone’s invited!

Here’s what ya need ta’ do to win the catch of the year. On June 14-16 for “Fishing Fun Weekend 1” and again on June 21-23 for “Fishing Fun Weekend 2”, we’re offering big prizes for the best fishers of certain types of fish as noted below. Get your box and tackle ready and claim your fame as the best fisher in the Spiral!

No need to report any fish to us, we'll be tallying them during these weekends, but do send us any screenshots of you and your friends fishing! We'll be showing them off on this month's KI Live.


Feb 12, 2015
Um, you're not Lucky Hookline. You're Sparck.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
It's good to see the increased amount of contests KI has been doing lately.

Please keep this up!

Please also remember to run the Fishing Benefit during these weeks to allow players an adequate chance at the loot.

Or, if you choose not to, I guess that's a bit fine in itself too since it is after all a tournament/contest.

Aug 03, 2016
Lookit Light on Jun 7, 2019 wrote:
Um, you're not Lucky Hookline. You're Sparck.
I believe Sparck played messenger on this one ;)

Lucky is busy fishing!

Fishers! We had a few great questions come up about the tournament.

1. Each category has a winner

2. "Largest" and other categories only count for those fish fished, it's not an absolute goal to get the actual largest possible, just whomever happens to have the largest at the time we tally them all up.

3. There are two separate weekends, and only on the weekends do fish count.

Good luck!

Apr 18, 2013
I'll try this again.

Does smallest jellyfish include Box Jelly?

Each weekend will have their own separate winners per group?
So, there will be 16 winners total right?

And for future fish tournaments, can you please have the announcements made at the login screen and again in-game via a Lucky Hookline bubble icon? Everyone I tell about this tournament has no idea it's going on.

Also, please consider free-fish-for-all tourneys, where every fisher-wizard whether membership or not, will have free fishing for a tournament. If KI is against this, perhaps reconsider it for a fun event with reduced prizes as a trial run to see how it compares.

One last thing is, when having contests such as this during the weekend, please have a way to get back to us during that same weekend. Now I'm about to spend the rest of my energy attempting to catch a Box Jelly fish I am not 100% certain will count because the rules word it as "jellyfish" and Box Jelly doesn't technically have the word "fish" in its name.

Hoping to see more fishing tournaments like this in the future. Happy fishing everyone