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Wizard is stuck

Dec 27, 2008
Okay I encountered a...slight bug a few minutes ago.

I was on my way to Olde Town to do some Team Up options to start my grind for the "Team Leader" badge when my client seemed to be getting slow (I assumed it was just because I was downloading another game in the background on my system). Upon reaching Olde Town it was pretty obvious something was wrong due to no NPCs being present, and no Team Up Kiosk. I tried to teleport out of the zone and run out of the zone but nothing was working.
I was then under the impression perhaps my net died and I needed to wait a few minutes or however long to see if the game would disconnect me and boot me out. This didn't work either. I began to think my internet was just bad overall. It was at this moment in time I decided to force quit the game and relaunch it. The game launch perfectly fine with no errors. I logged in with the same wizard and noticed I was still in Olde Town under the same circumstances. I force quit the game again after a few minutes of waiting.
Things seemed pretty odd to me at this point, as I have been playing since December of 2008 off and on and never encountered an problem like this. Upon my next login, instead of logging into my "stuck" wizard I decided to try my other wizards to see if they had the same issue. They did not. I was able to run around and leave zones and also see NPCs/Players/Interactive Objects. I then logged out of them and logged back into my "stuck" wizard and he was still stuck under the same circumstances.

Any help please?

Things to Note
Trouble shooting solutions and deductions

My internet connection is fine and I ruled this out
I have restarted my client multiple times
I have reinstalled although that wasnt my concern since my other wizards worked fine
Summary of circumstances for stuck wizard

- No Players/NPCs/Interactive Objects (I.E dungeons/Kiosk) Load in
- During this time no teleporting is allowed, clicking on command to do so results in nothing happening
- No "Social" tabs are in functioning order
(Friends List does not load besides one of my other characters being in a friends chat somehow)
- I cannot leave the zone by running into a building or running to zone exits
- There is no disconnect, I have waited for +20 minutes
- Only way to get out of game is by force logging with the "x" option on window or by "ending task" on windows "task manager"

P.S If video footage is requested I can provide the situation, please leave along with the request of doing so what exactly is desired from video. I.E What solutions you might want me to try in game

Dec 27, 2008
Update: It is an issue with KI servers, give it a few hours if you experience same situation. It will fix itself