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Why are my housing items picking themselves up?

Dec 20, 2008
I RARELY pick up my housing items. A few months ago i spent about an hour arranging some housing items by catching them with carpets and placing them in the air and on walls, and other places etc, to add a little flair to my house. Well, all my hard drive crashed recently and i havent been able to play w101 for 3 weeks, and when i logged in last night, my Avalonian Housing Items (Bed, Bath, Towel Rack, Bath Sink, Sofa) were fine.
Today when i logged on at about 5:00, they and got to my house at about 7:30, they picked themselves up. I didnt seem them do it, or anything, but when i checked my housing items hotbar, there they were. right in there. all my other housing items (mostly bear-prowed boats) are still floating in the air, but my avalon housing items werent in the spot i placed them in. (Closer to corners then normal, and one bath in a wall.)

So, uh why or what could of caused this? Bug in game? Or something?

Jun 29, 2009
While users have a blast floating things to make their homes very unique, and personable, KI has never supported floating. Their policy has always been, you float, you risk the chance of losing the item. Moral to the story, do not float what you cannot live without. All that said, the issue could be with an update in the game that shifted things around. Unfortunately, you are stuck redoing your house. I had an extensive statue collection floating in the Mooshu house that just disappeared, and could not sell the house because I could not find them to pick them up. With the addition of the PICK UP FROM THE HOUUSE submenu of the housing interface, that is not an issue anymore. Have fun redecorating your home.