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Very Angry Subscriber!!! Loss of Mount!!

Aug 31, 2009
I am so very angry! First off yes, in error I deleted a new wizard I had created before I took my broom off of him
I wrote support and just got a reply that yes they would do it if he was to level 10!!!!!
Obviously he wasn't as he was a new wizard!!!! I am an adult not a child. I expect as a paid subscriber to get my broom back.
I know you can go into my account and see that I had it. This broom was bought and paid for with crowns!!! Why is there no warning pop up??? Maybe because this is a coup for them? Most everything in this game has a pop up saying do you really want to do this? When something valuable is about to be deleted IN ERROR! wow no warning? imagine that?
Mounts are already too expensive and I want this broom back. We work hard for our money in this household and as a paid subscriber I deserve more help than this. There should be warning pop ups!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Oct 24, 2008
well first thing they do have a pop up for deleting a characater they have you say abracadabra :D and if you have any other wizards then try checking there back pack and see if they have the mount.

May 27, 2009
Aug 18, 2009
Did you not even get the "abracadabra" pop up that you have to type in before you delete a character t ensure that it is not a mistake?

May 08, 2009
Its not KI's fault you were actually absent minded enough to delete a wizard with a 5 dollar item with it.

Just CALM DOWN, and send a polite email to KI asking to get your mount and wizard back