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Aug 10, 2009
I have come across so many bugs in this new world... when you are in an instance and you defeat one of the enemies they will respawn and join the fight again... In another area some of the creatures don't show up on the screen.. and when you fight sargun, his death ants will try and change the aura and sargun will change it back, I am thinking the death ants need to have their auras taken out of the deck...

Aug 26, 2013
I keep talking to characters, then see an arrow over them so click on them again and they repeat the same dialog! Plus, the dialog boxes at the end of their speech is disappearing before I can finish reading it (so I guess the 2nd time through is so I can read the whole speech? I read better than I hear so I rely on the boxes a lot). I already posted about not being able to target the root rots in the first dungeon. W101 I love you all and respect tremendously how hard you work but this seems more like test realm than live and I'm really caught off guard, your work is always so high quality. I avoided the test realm this time because I wanted to enjoy the surprises in the live realm but these are not the surprises I was looking forward to.

Dec 31, 2010
seems to be a lot action out there at any rate, wizards all over the place...talk about a nightmare...new headmaster battle, 4 times, like it never happened, did not collect...not just me, other wizards too...the new world, its a weird kinda fun and kinda not, going through potions like crazy, more wisps please!