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Two bugs

Jan 31, 2009
I am unable to add certain spells into my deck, such as Storm Prism and Storm Shark, while others are working fine. Left-clicking these two cards does nothing and has no sound effect. Switching between decks made no difference.

Additionally, there were two times that I noticed a wipe of any names on my friends list for a couple of minutes. After awhile, they returned. Also, some friends have the text chat option disabled on the friends list. This also returns back to normal.

The bug with the spells has not resolved itself though. It is temporarily hindering my ability to quest and play the game at the moment. Thanks for any insight and help.

-Wolf Lifeblood, 46 Master Necromancer
-Wolf Thundercaster, 17 Journeyman Diviner

Feb 10, 2009
I have a similar problem. I can't add Pixies to my Theurges deck. All other cards seem to work ok. The problem started after the big update and was not fixed by the recent quick update.

Jan 31, 2009
Quick update: restarting the game temporarily fixes the spell-adding bug, but it eventually came back during my travels. By the way, I switched to my other wizard before I tried restarting the client, and the same spells were also bugged along with an extra: Storm Prism, Storm Shark, and Kraken. Thanks.

-Wolf Lifeblood, Master Necromancer
-Wolf Thundercaster, Adept Diviner