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Titan Forge Bug

Jul 18, 2016
Hello students and graduates of Ravenwood. Just recently, while I was questing on my Storm in Polaris, I got to the quest called "Rise of the Titan." This quest has you go into the Titan Forge dungeon. That's fine and all, but during the second boss, Ygor, I died. After dying, I used a potion and dungeon recalled back to fight Ygor again, but something interesting happened when I dungeon recalled back. For some odd reason, the game made me restart the entire dungeon! I'm not sure if this is a bug or anything, but if it is, can someone please look into the Titan Forge dungeon in Polaris so wizards aren't forced to keep restarting the dungeon and having to fight the Greater Borealis Golems again and again?

Blaze StormSword (Level 115 Diviner, Ravenwood Graduate, Lore Spell and Pet Enthusiast)

Feb 12, 2015
Yes, that happened to me, too. I think it's intentional, it occurs in some other dungeons, too