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Three things I would like to see

May 22, 2008
1) Have the chat window detachable (in its own window)
I find the chat window annoying, especially in battle, it is always blocking something. I either have to move it around or keep opening and closing it. Unlike most people, I have two monitors on my computer; it sure would be cool if I could put the chat window on one screen and the game on the other (this would also apply for people who don’t run the game in full screen mode).

2) Sign in as invisible.
Just like yahoo or any other IM client, it would be cool if a player could log in, but show as offline to everyone in their friends list. I like helping friends and chatting, but sometimes I just want to work on a quest and be left alone (without being rude and saying "go away" to everybody)

3) Keep other players out of the battle circle once it is full.
What I mean here is this, when a player enters the battle circle, they join the fight. This is fine and dandy. But when there are already 4 players in a fight, other players run around in the center of the circle jumping around and generally being annoying. I would love to have an "invisible wall" around the battle circle once there are 4 players that would stop this behavior

Jan 23, 2009
Apr 17, 2009
I would also like to agree with your #2. I hate it when I am either attempting to go further on in the story line or farming for something I want and somebody pops in and says "Help me find rose" or "Help me with BOSS!". I do not mind helping people, but when I get asked 10 times in one minute from different people, that buggs me. But, on the other hand, I do not want to remove them from my list cause I like to help. So ya, the idea of hiding my presence when I do not want to be found would be nice.

Just my two cents.

Feb 07, 2009
i agree with everyone else I LOVE #2 sometimes i just wanna go questing not have invites to parties or people asking for help

Dec 02, 2008
May 15, 2009

1. I agree there is no good place for the chat window, for all other GUI elements are unmovable. I don't think dual-monitor setup would work due to DirectX limitations. The only suggestion I have to remedy that is allowing us to move the GUI objects.

2. YES. Friends List = Pandora's Box. The problem with it is that it is all-or-nothing.

3. I think fading players in full combat circles like they do the NPCs is probably best. 10% transparency, for instance.

Feb 13, 2009
2- That is a good idea. I always have people asking for help and thrying to start a conversation. I mean, i like to talk but sometimes i just wanna finish a quest that i'v had for a while. Maybe they can change the color in the friends list or somethng. You know like this color means they want to be left alone, or maybe a whole other page in box.

3- I'm all for that one. People always go in there and are a distraction. I mean in the middle of a battle, who wants to have a person jumping around and making a fool of themselves?