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Stuck in verifying character

Jun 07, 2009
since last night, when I try to play, I get stuck in the verifying character stage. by stuck I mean game completely freezes, other than the mouse, and when I look at the applications in windows, it's not responding. Only way to kill it is reboot or shut down the process.

I thought maybe something happened with my software, so I uninstalled and reinstalled (now if it ever starts working again I get to go through all the wait while this loads stuff again). Since nothing is working, I've emailed KI.

I'm wondering, though, has anyone else had this issue and if so, how did you fix it? I'd prefer to not have to wait for KI to get back to me sometime in the next few days. it's not my antivirus, it can't be the software, my account is active, so I'm at a loss.

Mar 18, 2009
As you've probably noticed already on the forums, others are having the same problem as you. Since this issue is not happening to everyone, KI will need to review your ticket along with everyone else having the problem to see which computer setups are being affected with whatever just happened recently.

Keep watching the forums for any success other wizards may have and also make sure you keep checking your registered email KI has on file for you. That is where they will deliver the response.

Jun 07, 2009
I appreciate your response.

Working on my third legendary wizard, I'm pretty familiar with the quirks and bugs that can pop up, pestering only some players, and I'm sure it will work out and yes, I will continue to wait for my email as I have in the past....I was just hoping someone on here had words of insight as KI has never, in my experience, been prompt about responding to email and this issue is completely preventing me (and others it seems) from playing, for days.

Jun 07, 2009
What is the expected turnaround time on tech support? I received a reply email, followed the instructions, and haven't heard anything since.

It's been a few days now...miss playing.