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Still a bug in Daily Assignments/Pigsie

Oct 01, 2010
1 There are posts a few days ago about Daily Assignment sending wizards to Rubal Waste to kill a mob that is not there (sand swirler). KI said it was fixed but todays daily assignment sends wizards again to kill sand swirlers in rubal waste.

2. Can you have someone check the load rate for pigsie Treasure Cards at loremaster. Have literally done hundreds of fights looking for the spell and have received 0 Pigsie treasure cards although getting lots of others. You seem to have added Pigsie as a spell to be crafted and made it virtually impossible to do.

Hopefully you can look at these two problems.


Oct 01, 2010
For the last 5 months on average hours each day I have done this one fight to obtain the spell or even a TC. in hundreds of fights and months of farming one fight I have received 1 TC in total. At this rate it would mean it will take 5 years to get the TC to craft the spell. This is not fun. Repeat, this is not fun and will feel rewarding. This is painful for players and turns people like me who would continue to enyoy the game and have fun way off.

PLEASE, ask your coders to look at the rate of Pigsie drops in the loremaster fight with next updates.