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Solved The Problem

Jul 24, 2009
Today I decided that I didn't have enough space for all my cards, so I decided to buy a new deck. I bought the Novice Ice Deck ,since I'm an ice wizard, and put all my cards in it. I went into a duel using Biti's Flamelicked Staff. When the part came up for me to choose the cards, all that was there was the cards that came with the staff, the card that came with the athame, and my Flamezilla which came from the pet. I thought maybe I needed to use an ice wand with the ice deck, so I finished and equiped the Frosted Wand. Went into another duel, still no cards that I had put in myself. I double-checked to make sure it was in the right deck, it was. I have no idea what's going on, so please help. Thanks!

EDIT: I just realized that my silly self didn't equip the deck. So I solved the problem

May 19, 2009
it seems that you have not equiped your new deck, that is why none of your cards are showing up.

May 28, 2009
Sounds like your deck is not equipped. Go into your backpack and click on the deck icon. Make sure that the correct deck (if any) is equipped by either double clicking on the deck of your choice or clicking on that deck and then clicking on the hand icon at the bottom of the page.