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Rhino mount...what's the catch?

Jan 03, 2010
ok, so, i got the rhino mount (wich is awesome) but, it's supposed to be a two person mount, and i cant figure out how to work it! anyone know how to use the 2 person mode? or if it even works?

Dec 13, 2009
Ok you have to add the person you want to ride with to your group. Then make sure they're not on a mount of there own. After all of that an interaction symbol thing should appear. Your friend presses x and then your riding together.

Hope his helps,
Courtney Greenthistle level 61 thaumaturge

Oct 09, 2009
OK to answer that question madgurl135 your are completely wrong. In order for a person to ride the rhinoceros mount. The person who owns the mount must add the person to a group once that is established the person can press X and they will be able to ride on the mount.
Note the mount will not automatically put you back on the mount once you enter and indoor place then leave. You will have to find person and hop on again in order to ride again.

Oct 02, 2010
I've noticed that teleporting to your friend who is astride one of these beast will also put in the back seat