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reports for no reason!

Feb 28, 2010
i was playing wizard 101 (awesome game by the way)i ported to my friend ian in somebodys house and people kept getting reported for no reason! people keep getting reported like so many times. and everybody there does not know who it is or its a bug or something. i only got reported once at that time but somebody keeps reporting! i left the home cause i been there for a while but idk if anything happened and they did not say or do anything bad.

Dec 14, 2009
There is another thread on this, you should read it before you make the same post. In any event,don't worry about anyone reporting you if you have done nothing wrong. KI investigates these matters,and will punish the people making false reports. If you are not sure what is reportable behavior or not, I suggest you read the Rules Of Conduct for game very carefully. :)

May 20, 2010
Yes, something is likely to happen. Assuming the people being reported did nothing wrong, whoever was reporting people will probably be disciplined by the staff of Wizard101 for false reporting. If you did nothing wrong, you have nothing to worry about.

Feb 27, 2009
May 02, 2010
sean563 wrote:
i was playing wizard 101 (awesome game by the way)i ported to my friend ian in somebodys house and people kept getting reported for no reason!

It is quite possible you where invited to a party that more than likely was not one the owner intended on having or grew out of control. Hence all the reporting. Maybe in the future be more careful about whose home you port to. So as to avoid future issues.

Aug 14, 2009
if it is false dont worry about it, the information gets sent to mr lincoln and he checks it, if it is false, you are home free, mr lincoln looks up how many times the false reporter false reported and adds onto the numbers.

I hate false report also, some people were getting mad cause of an opinion about starbucks, a coffee place, and they got mad and using foul language, i reported someone and she reported me back, knowing that she will get in trouble, i didnt care

May 28, 2009
I have a question. I got reported because i someone thought i was swaring but i didn't! Someone kept shielding so i asked him to stop and he did anyway. So i was gonna say in seperate bubbles:
He reported me after saying as and i later realized why (he though i was calling him the A word). I never even got a chance to finish. I later tracked him down and told him can i still get in trouble?