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Problem With the Whole Game!

Jan 03, 2010
Hi, Hannah here!

**I am currently using a MacBook Air 13 inch***

I'm at a friend's house not too far away from mine and I was playing Wizard101, battling Sea Spirits in the Floating Land in Celestia.
Suddenly, mid battle, it FREEZES! But not exactly; you see the game was still going (music, we were 'breathing', pets were moving, enemies were rotating) however nothing was going on. I casted a Hex onto one of the enemies and the music kept going but it froze.
Same with other moves, not just me. When I clicked to draw a treasure card, it wouldn't work.
I started to fish and it wouldn't go to the fishing screen.
I looked back, and the land was empty, there were absolutely no enemies in sight, and no other players either (I was with another friend while this was happening).
Also, I had a very old MacBook Pro I used years ago and it did the same thing, repeatedly. It also occurred when I wasn't even in battle. This has happened not just at my house and everywhere else. Except now, my laptop doesn't do this at my house, only my friend's. It was not overheated at all, just the regular heat of a laptop.

Is this something with maybe the wifi, or just the game? I hate that I couldn't keep up with the battle and my friend got out because of it. Please fix this, KI!

Thank you,

Hannah GoldenRiver
Level 54

May 13, 2012
This isn't just you. I've been having the exact same problems, and I also randomly lose connection even when my Wi-Fi is fine!