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Problem w/ some housing items since Mirage update

Jun 08, 2012
It is true that only people who glitch in their houses to decorate will be affected by this problem, but that's actually a lot of people.... I know that to me, Paige Moonshade, and many many others, this definitely applies: There are some furniture items in the game where if you attempt to jump into them, they used to bounce you back out so you wouldn't get stuck in them. If you do somehow manage to glitch yourself into one of these items, primarily by teleporter, then you get stuck inside of it and are unable to move at all other than rotating. The fact that these items bounced you back kept people from getting stuck, but now the items don't bounce you back anymore, so you can get stuck in them easily, but you CAN'T get back out. I'm not saying all items should have the bounce back feature, that would have a tremendously bad impact on serious housing decorators, I'm just saying that the items that used to have this function should have it again. For serious decorators such as myself, this feature was actually VERY important, and the fact that it has been removed has made things much more difficult for us. So if you could please revert those items back to how they used to be, that would be greatly appreciated by ALL of the housing community!