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Problem: Level 87 but Unable to get New Spells

Apr 20, 2010
Hey, so I'm a level 87 ice wizard at the moment. I am unable to get new high level spells such as Sleet Storm, Lord of Winter, Freddo, ( Spells from Snow Drift and up). When I go to the person for the quest to get one of the spells it isn't available. DId I do something wrong ? Did I miss something or is it just my game? Sophia WinterRiver

Dec 11, 2014
lord of winter is at 88 like all the others were of a multiple of ten since level 28 and you need to have done the level 35 and 55 quests in grizzlheim and wintertusk withc means you are going to have to beat those worlds to get the spells and that is how you unlock the quest for the next 2 spells

Feb 08, 2012
Lord of Winter requires level 88.
Sleet Storm aura spell is 84, a quest from an Azteca NPC named Tezcat Threestar in the Zocalo.
Freddo is a 78 minion(?), so I'm not quite sure about that one.
Keep in mind that you have to complete all the prerequisite quests for Freddo and LoW. Not quite sure whether or not the Azteca auras/enchants have prerequisite, however there could be.
Hope this helped!

Tyler Titanstaff, LVL 100 ,,

Apr 20, 2010
Yeah I just got my Lord of Winter Quest! Yay! Also, do you know which NPC for the lvl 35 and 55 quests in grizzlehelm? I've already finished the 2 worlds