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Pet Promenade - Points not awarding, Fortified Grilled Cheese Recipe

Dec 28, 2008

I got the Fortified Grill Cheese recipe from event.

Recipe : 2 Fortified bread (25) 1 Fortified Cheese (4) Basic Crafting station

So i go to craft says i have 4 fortified cheese and no fortified bread which i just bought from Ramin in Rubal wastes and shows in my inventory.

Glitch or not able to use yet?

Ty for any help

Sep 07, 2018
Heyo so as some of you have now seen. The fortified Grilled cheese recipe has been released as a reward in the current pet promenade. The recipe is (1 Fortified Cheese) and (2 Fortified Bread), getting the recipe in the event comes with 4 of the cheese, however the fortified bread seems to come from Ramin in Mirage. I went and bought the bread from Ramin, however the recipe isn't recognizing it as usable?

If anyone has also run into this and has a fix I'd love to hear from you!

Thanks guys.

Jun 18, 2009
Hello Kingsisile! So today is the fourth day of the Pet Promenade, and I've reached 400 points, receiving the Fortified Grilled Cheese recipe and the Elemental and Spiritual tokens.

Except, the recipe is bugged. I brought some Fortified bread over from the shard bank to my lower leveled account who has the recipe, but it still states I have no Foritfied bread in my inventory, making the crafting of the Grilled Cheese Impossible.

Also, when I pushed the button to receive my Tokens, I got nothing. Nothing at all. I checked my inventory. Nothing.

I'm really hoping you fix this before day 5. I don't want to miss out on getting my Pet Jewel.

Jan 22, 2014
Hey there!
Has anyone else completed the pet promenade far enough to get the fortified grilled cheese recipe? Because I acquired it, it makes a mega snack that gives 40 pet xp which is really nice, however it needs 1 fortified cheese and 2 fortified bread, Fortified bread can only be gotten by the vendor in Mirage in the Rubal Wastes, Ramin, so I went and got some to craft the snack, yet when I try to craft it, the basic crafting station tells me I dont have any fortified bread, yet I have 30 in my inventory is this a bug?
Thx for the help!
-Valkoor Stormfirst
Lvl 130

Jan 30, 2015
Good morning,

Steps to re-create:
Win Fortified Grilled Cheese Recipe via Pet Promenade and 4 Fortified Cheese snacks (yay!).
Purchase Fortified Bread from Ramin in Mirage.
Click J and go to recipe...recipe shows 4 available Fortified Cheese but zero Fortified Bread.
Go to basic crafting station to make sure it wasn't a UI issue.
See same 4 Fortified Cheese available but zero Fortified Bread.

Jul 01, 2011
I just got the fortified grilled cheese recipe from the pet promenade event and the recipe is only 1 fortified bread and 1 fortified cheese. It gave me some free fortified cheese when I got the reward but not the fortified bread. So I looked up how I could get the bread and it said that a person named Ramin sold it in Mirage. So I went there and bought around 150 of the fortified bread but when I checked my crafting recipe, it told me I still had 0/1 fortified bread and I am confused as if this isn't the right fortified bread somehow or if this is some type of glitch but it won't let me craft the fortified grilled cheese.

May 20, 2009
I also achieved the 400 points on the Pet Promenade. I went to Ramin and bought 8 Fortified Bread. Went to the recipe "Fortified Grilled Cheese" and it is showing that I have four Fortified Cheese but ZERO Fortified Bread,

Dec 11, 2011
Hey is there a way to get more fortified cheese or is it event only?

Oct 05, 2018
Same here.

Mar 19, 2009
Same issue here. I'm thinking it's possible it's a different type of Fortified Bread, but if that's the case and this isn't a bug that's really ridiculous.

Dec 19, 2009
Currently you are not getting any reagents from completing the 400 Point Reward in Pet Promenade (Elemental Token).

I've heard several who's having this issue.

Aug 10, 2009

for the pet promenade 400 point reward it showes a reagent. I clicked on it to redeem it, it put the green check mark on it, but i did not get anything. :( plz help

Jan 22, 2014
you can buy fortified cheese buy the pet snack seller in the promenade in celestia

Mar 16, 2009
same. now i have to worry that i will feed my fortified cheese for happiness by accident before KI fixes it

Jun 06, 2009
I noticed the same thing. I get the feeling the fortified bread required for this recipe is actually a completely different snack than the one Ramin sells. Maybe it'll be a reward from future pet promenade events? If that's the case, it would've been nice KI had clarified this beforehand so that we didn't all go out and buy unusable snacks...

Aug 16, 2009
I received the Fortified Grilled Cheese recipe today as part of the Pet Promenade. It requires Fortified Bread and Fortified Cheese to craft. Although I have 15 Fortified Bread in my backpack, it says I have 0 of the 2 fortified bread needed. Anyone else have this problem?

Dec 28, 2008
1. Fortified Grill Cheese Recipe doesn't Work.

2. Upon reaching 400 and claiming reward which should be a pet charm you get nothing.

3 days left in event debating whether to continue will be annoyed to get 500 points for nothing,

So far this update is a giant failure events don't work cost , time involved to do things has increased while removing all the beneficial items that were used to do them.

Please remove update wasn't thought through on your part has literally no benefit to people paying to play game.

Unless you change name from "spring Update" to "Penalty Update"


Nov 01, 2013
Completed 4th day of Pet Promenade, with 400 points.
Clicked icon to collect Elemental pet Token Reward and got nothing.
Tried it on another wizard I play. Same result. Nothing given.
Anyone else?
Please fix.

Nov 01, 2013
I also did not get any pet tokens when I tried to collect my reward for 400 points.

Nov 28, 2011
I clicked the icon and all it did was put a check over it. No audio, no message, no tokens.

I saw this mentioned elsewhere, but it it needs its own thread.

Nov 07, 2016
So today I hit the 400 points and I tried to redeem my reward but I couldn't.
There is a tick over the reward icon but there was no notification. I searched my reagent tab and there was nothing.

I'm not sure if it's a bug or I'm just doing something wrong

Jul 27, 2009
The recipe and crafting station also says I have 0 Fortified Bread, but when I check my pet snacks I have 3.

Oct 07, 2016
I am enjoying Pet Promenade a lot! But I'm having an issue, and I'm wondering if anyone else is experiencing the same?

The 400 point reward for Pet Promenade is a token of some sort, if I recall correctly. Once you claim the reward, the preview goes away, so I cannot be more specific, but the picture looked like a little pet collar with jewels. I clicked on the icon to receive this reward once I accrued 400 points, and the checkmark appeared over the icon BUT:

No reagents appeared on the left side of my screen (like when you harvest a plant or get battle drops)

No new notices appeared in my chatbox (like You have earned 20 gold, for example)
I cannot find the token/pet collar anywhere in my backpack. I searched all my reagents, not just the Event ones, looked in my normal backpack, housing, and jewels.

Where did my reward go? Has anyone here successfully received their 400 point reward?

Jul 13, 2009
legoman1210 on May 1, 2020 wrote:
you can buy fortified cheese buy the pet snack seller in the promenade in celestia
I went to check this out, and in the Survey Camp/Promenade there is Clarence Cavendish who sells recipes and Terrence Walpole who sells actual snacks. Neither had an actual snack or recipe for fortified cheese. Is there another vendor somewhere else I'm missing, or is this snack still only available in the Bazaar?

Jul 02, 2009
The 400 point reward is not working for me either. Same result as everyone else.

As to the Fortified Bread, there is a vendor in Mirage Rubal Waste that sells it. I remember because I thought it was an odd thing. Guess I now know what it is for.