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No trade crown items?

Dec 09, 2008
I got a death leprechan from Zeke a couple of weeks ago, but it is a no trade item. If I paid my real world money for crowns, and then used said crowns to buy stuff, shouldn't I be able to use it on any of my wizards? Now if I want any of my other wizards to have a death leprechan, or any other pet for that matter, I have to buy one for each of them. I have a fire bird with card that is a boss drop, and an imp with card that is a boss drop, and I can agree with them being no trade, but crown items that I've paid for? I don't get the no trade deal for school specific items either. It seems like any drop I get that is school specific is never for the school of the wiz I am using to get the drop. And then the item is no trade. What is the point?

Mar 03, 2009
This argument comes up time and time again since the release of the Shared Bank. I've commented on a few of them, feeling pretty much the same way, angry that I can't trade items that aren't even for my wizard's school. I started saving up the No Trade items anyways, just in case I'm able to someday. Still, I haven't seen any faculty comments on the issue as of yet. Not to say that they haven't, just that I hadn't seen them do so if they have.

The only thing I could possibly think of as to why they would do such a thing is if they plan on releasing a trading system between players that includes equipment instead of just treasure cards. Even so, I imagine that there would be some way to still be able to transfer items between wizards on the same account without letting them be traded to wizards on different accounts.

Mar 02, 2009
I agree that items we buy with real money should be able to be shared between our other wizards. I already have to buy crowns for 3 subscription accounts for my family, so it's very unlikely that I will go and spend more money just so my other wizards can have the exact same pet. I also thought that I would be able to share my "friendly dragon" between my other wizards, but sadly, I can't. If it was a gift to me for playing and subscribing to the game on a monthly basis, why can't I use it with my other characters? My poor friendly dragon is currently in limbo with my retired necromancer...

Dec 22, 2008
I agree with you on this one. If I paid crowns (money) for an item, why can't I share it with my other wizards.

I really don't understand the no trade rule on any item really. If I can only trade with myself, what is the big deal?

Mar 03, 2009
To go a step further, seldom do people bring up the somewhat "rare" boss drops that are No Trade. Given my experience farming Ivan Soulsinger for the soulsword, I ended up with an EXCESSIVE amount of drops from him that were no trade. Of his drops, I was seeking three of them. Soulsinger's Blade is the best death school athame as far as health and mana bonus, I ended up with around 8 of these. I was also after Soulsinger's Cowl as it offered the best death helm for level 45+, of these, I'd say I ended up with at least a dozen. In fact, the only item I only ended up with 1 of was the sword, the third piece of equipment I wanted for my necromancer. Given how many of the other school specific items I obtained during this time, it seems a waste to bother trying to get any of them on other wizards. I kept one of each of the other school specific no trade items and sold the rest.

Nov 27, 2008
I don't think Kingsisle should put on trading with people because that could bring up the rate of hacks. That will give hackers a point in hacking peoples account and selling their stuff. I used to play a player trading game and people were constantly getting hacked. I still think they should get rid of No Trade items, like ShadowTwisted I am saving them up in case one day I will be able to trade them between accounts.

Dec 27, 2008
I keep getting irratated at the amount of really cool stuff I win with one of my wizards that they can't use and they can't trade. Today was the worst because I won a very beautiful outfit for my storm wizard. As you can imagine, I won it with my death wizard. If I want a death outfit I probably have to use my fire wizard or my life wizard, but doesn't really matter because I won't be able to trade it. I had hoped that they would change it or tell us why but I haven't heard anything. It isn't like some of these are things we can buy and some of them are much less powerful than items I already own by that pirate, but would make really cool hanging out outfits.

May 28, 2009
I agree with these posts. I fail to see why the No Trade mark even exists. I just started a new character and I was able to "Hand Down" all of my previously used clothes that I bought at Zeke from my fire wizard to my new balance wizard (of course he can't use them till he is a level 10). The only exception, of course, is the Dream Ghoul Pet. What? Why? What if I want to "Pass Down" my Dream Ghoul when I buy (with crowns) a Jade Oni? And I don't think that KI is just trying to get more money for crowns out of us or all the rest of the Zeke gear would be No Trade also. So, what gives? There is not even a "Trade" option in the game except for cards, and cards ONLY. So why are things marked No Trade when there is no option for trade in the first place?