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New features that could be implemented into Friend

Dec 24, 2008
I recently commented to a fellow gamer about the problem of seeing the word "Friend" appear instead of the actual name of the character when they were sending them a friend request. WarlockWiz said:
WarlockWiz wrote:
Every once in a great while......the FRIEND box will come up and say "Would you like FRIEND to be your friend" When you click yes it states "FRIEND is no longer a registered user." This is a software glitch that pehaps you are not aware of?

Although the situation MAY NOT be from the continuous onslaught of abused FR's (friend requests), it could be a contributing factor.

I was going to go "all out" in a suggestion in that thread, but thought I would save it for here, so that I could explain my suggestion separately.

To The Admin people, I would like to say that I am trying to be light-hearted about it, and still have a good time with the game and all, BUT, I think that enough is enough! Give us OPTIONS to work with here, PLEASE?
I ask, (along with several hundreds, if not THOUSANDS of us), to have the option to turn the Friend Request(FR) option off in two ways.

#1) Placing an option on the "OPTIONS" page when you first log in, where you can select to turn (off/on) the Friend Request feature. This should completely turn (off/on) the ability of others from the continuous spamming that's been going on, and allow you the peace you're wanting, away from that type of harrassment.
#2) Upon the receiving of someone's friend request, you can have the option for two(2) extra features there when the pop-up box appears on your screen. One feature, having the ability to completely turn off the Friend Request feature all together, so that no one can EVER try to add you. The second feature, would be an ability to only turn (off/on) future requests from each individual person. This way, others who aren't abusing won't be completely cut off from requesting friendship. The pop-up box could look like my example below with the two options in it:


The two little selection boxes could be clicked on and a little check-mark could be placed there to either enable it or disable it.

I feel that the constant overflow of abused Friend Adds (could have) caused the glitch to occur to where only the word "Friend" appears, because the server may not be able to keep up with the continuous barrage going on. If not, then it could be a separate glitch altogether. But still, the features I am mentioning, I hope, will be looked into and implemented in some way.
Again, to the wonderful folks in the Admin Dept., I don't mean any harm in the things I am trying to convey here, but some of us (if not most of us) are getting tired of the continuous barrage of FR's and I truly believe that once something like this is implemented, it will be a sigh of relief to many of us who don't want the constant hassle of FR's thrown at us all of the time.

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Sep 02, 2008
I have to agree about getting flooded with friend requests. Normally I go to a different realm or I add the player as a friend and then immediately put them on my ignore list.

Dec 24, 2008
Yeah, I have done the switching realm routine, and one day, I was still getting it from different areas. I'm wondering if placing them on the Ignore list AFTER I accept them as a friend, and then deleting their friendship will still keep them on the Ignore list? Might be worth a try.
The ole Ignore list might become a bit cramped though....LOL!
Good Luck Warlock Wiz in your questings, your battles, and your advancement in levels


Aug 06, 2008
I would like to know if the person asking to be added was a member or a freebie. Not that I would not added the non-members just want to know, so I do not request for help form them. Maybe the color of their name would show up in a different color.

Dec 04, 2008
i would also like to add that it is very unfair when you don't add a wizard as a friend and they spam ya none stop,then they turn around and report ya,i had this happen to me yesterday and i have been very sore since,i don't think i have to add every person as a friend (mind you i was in wizard city,and on my master wizard)just so i don't get reported for a mean word or what ever it was i was turned in for,but as soon as i got off my master and on my baby wizard to go back and finish talking with my friends i wasn't spammed at all or reported.This is very unfair and needs to stop altogether I feel if they want to spam me and report me I should have the right to report them
Sorry if I am coming off snotty but I am so upset by this it's not even funny at least with the other site TT you had the on/off button if you want friend request

p.s My 4 year old plays wizard and she even gets pretty upset with the spamming of friend request that she gets off w101 and goes to TT and plays :?