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My drake exists before it is even hatched!

Jan 17, 2012
Yeah, I bet someone has mentioned this already, but when you first get the Dragonspyre Academy, on your right, there is a young battledrake there, that seems to be doing nothing. You can't talk to it, or anything.

Then, you get sent to the hatchery to get a dragon egg and hatch it. Then you have to learn how to ride it, and feed it, and care for it, and get it armor.

Then then send you back to the Academy, because your drake, that you hatched and armored, is now waiting for you...

And it's the same drake that you saw when you first got to the Academy.

Maybe it should be hidden until that point?

Jul 20, 2014
I agree. However, if you've never been in Dragonspyre before, then you won't even pay attention to it and you won't even know what a "Drake" is. I do think it should changed though.

Leesha StarForge, level 67

Dec 26, 2013
You have to remember that there are a million other wizards out there and ALL of them are THE CHOSEN ONE and destined to be SAVIOR of the SPIRAL. That drake you see is one of theirs... until it is yours.
There are hundreds of inconsistencies like this throughout the game. The broken bridge in Mooshu which still appears to be broken after you've fixed it. All of the Crates, Barrels and other items scattered throughout the streets of the Spiral... you collect them and go on your way but when you come back that way there they are again. Many of the folks you release from various methods of captivity seem to want to hang around after you release them. From a programming standpoint it's easier to do it this way. The server doesn't have to remember the different state of things for a million users.
Just ignore it.

Jan 17, 2012
Yes, I've noticed all that, and I still wonder if maybe the engine should be changed to have a visible tag on it, which checks to see if a particular item should be visible or not.

I mean, you meet someone in Dragonspyre who sends you out to get keys, and keeps saying how trustworthy he is, until you open the main vault, then he turns on you. You defeat him, and then you never see him again.

Now, the logistics of trying to keep track of every single item may be a bit daunting, and that could be the reason why they don't bother.