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Menu Chat and lvl 50+ dungeons

Sep 07, 2010
Hi everyone!

I am concerned for the nice young people who are good enough to enter dungeons such as the Warehouse in Marleybone, Briskbreeze tower, Waterworks and most importantly, the Tower of the Helephant.

Many problems occur which hamper their abilities to complete these dungeons.

#1 if their gear is not up to their level, they don't stand a very good chance.
We, the chatter bugs, cannot tell them that they need to upgrade their equipment.

#2 If they haven't learned their level 48 spells, it's impossible or almost impossible for them to complete the legendary dungeons.
We have no way of telling them that.

#3 We cannot tell them "Don't heal or the cat will rebirth." or "PLEASE don't hit the boss or he'll hit back REAL HARD."

#4 We can't tell them not to use traps, or not to use blades in waterworks.

#5 We cannot tell them to bring some unstoppables for waterworks or Helephant Tower, or at least some snipers.

We cannot ask them if they have a personal friend or relative online who could explain these things on the phone, or in person for them.

My suggestion is, for grandmaster and legendary dungeons ONLY, is to unlock menu chat, so that those who use menu chat can see what we say. they do not have to be able to type, just see what we say. OR add at least the above items to the menu chat.

I would not consider opening up menu chat for lower level dungeons, but these kids have been playing for months to get where they are, I'm sure, and I think they deserve to have the sense of accomplishment that comes with completing a difficult challenge.

Another possibility, would be to have an automatic screen come up which tells those who have menu chat that they need to have good gear, up to date upper level spells, and then state the rules of the dungeon, such as, don't hit the boss, don't use healing spells unless the cat is dispeled etc.