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Leaving messages for friends?

Aug 16, 2008
When the houses are started is there anyway there could be like a bulletin board or answering machine in your home,where friends could leave messages for you. I have friends on Wizard that I have no idea how to contact outside of wizard to let them know when I can be on,so we can play together. We have chatted about this alot and think it would be a great idea. You could leave congrats for leveling up,set up a group get-together to play or just let your friends know that yopu thought of them.

Under text chat there could be a button for leave message.

What'cha think?

Sarai Willowbreeze Level 41 Magus Theurgist

Feb 18, 2009
I think this is a brilliant idea. I've been asking for weeks now if it was okay to leave messages on the Message Boards for others players to meet up with me at such and such time on such and such date, but alas, I have yet to get an answer from the Professors. I guess they are to busy to answer such pity little questions sometimes......Just Kidding Professors.

I agree that this would be a great idea and I like how you put in there that it would be a "Friends List" aspect. That would keep other players out of the bombartment of wanting to do the same task as you are planning on doing.

Hunter SilverHeart

Jun 04, 2008
This is a very good idea.

Another thing they could do is, when you click on your friend in your friend list, there is a "send message" option.

That way we can send messages to each other where ever we are.


Mar 03, 2009
I like the idea. Leaving messages offline and such sounds great. A little extra feature I think would be a nice addition is a little message that would pop up for players when they log in to let them know they have new messages or posts.

Still, the exact details of housing features hadn't been fully released enough to know what all can be done with rooms/houses.