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Labyrinth dungeon is not resetting

Jul 01, 2008
So, yesterday I was farming for my storm deck from Devora Shadowcrown.

went into the Labyrinth dungeon
talked to Dmitri Ironchains
took his quest
fought the Silver Sentinel
turned in quest
took new quest
used the 2 Bridge Pedestals
fought Devora Shadowcrown
logged out (while in the dungeon)
logged in (I appeared right outside the Labyrinth entrance)

And it repeats...I didn't get my deck yesterday, so I decided to try again today.

I did those steps. However, when I went back into the dungeon after I logged out and back in, it did not reset.

When I went in, it read: "New Quest: Jail Break" instead of the usual "New Quest: Bridge To Over There."

I checked my quest book, and it read that I had to defeat the remaining 2 of the 3 bosses: Andor Bristleback and Zora Steelwielder.

When I went to where Devora usually wanders, she was not there. So the dungeon had not reset. ...How am I supposed to farm her now?

I believe that when you log out while in a dungeon, a warning will read:
"If you log out in a Dungeon you will lose all your progress and will have to start over at the beginning. Are you sure you want to log out now?"

...I thought this was true, but it isn't happening. Is this a bug? Or am I missing something?

I even tried logging out, x-ing out the window, and logging back in where you enter Username and Password. It still did not reset.


Amber Pixiefountain life 50
Amber Goldleaf myth 50
Amber Willowleaf balance 50
Amber Moon storm 50 [and still waiting for the Labyrinth to reset...]

May 22, 2009
It usually takes a half hour for the dungeon to reset even if you log out and then log back in.

Hannah Lifebringer Level 50 Life

Jan 28, 2009
ok first im a death student lvl 32 magus. but you said labyrnith and well i HAD to talk about percy jackson. I LOOOOOOOOVE that series and im only on third book. but one is called battle of the labyrninth. i just had to bring that up. sorry totally off topic

Jan 28, 2009
wow there are ALOT of lvl 50 ambers. you must like that name. ~Nicole leganfinder level 32 death.