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Kraken Rant Redux

May 02, 2011
Add me to those complaining about free loaders hogging the Kraken for the Defeat the Kraken quest. I've been trying to complete this quest for several days now, trying at different times and different realms. There ALWAYS seems to be 5+ people camping there. I was very disappointed to see complaints going back at least a year on this. I pay for my account, I don't appreciate KI letting non paying free loaders spoiling what I'm paying for. Please fix this, a number of good suggestions have been posted. Something needs to be done about it.

Feb 19, 2011
If there are 5 people at the Kraken, you won't have to wait too long for your turn. There's a queuing system and no-one will get a second turn at the fight before you get your first.

Community Leader
I am sorry you having so much troubles, getting to fight the kraken. Here is what I do switch realms until I find a realm that is quite. I know this is a free to play area of wizard101 and there are many young wizards there playing.

Aug 04, 2009
I do feel bad for you that this is what is happening. But you gotta remembr the kraken is like the biggest thing you can fight as a free player if i'm correct. In my own opinion there should be a designated realm just for subcribers. And try camping it yourself and just run in eventually you should get a battle

Jan 23, 2009
LOL the complaints go back much further than a year.

Its the age old problem. Every area has one an open arena to a boss and you have to wait your turn to play. The problem is Kraken is in the free area and all the free members hang out there because it has some of the best drops.

That said YOU MUST complete that part in order to move on. I think that if someone has the quest in their book when they "port" there it should take them to a place where ONLY those with the quest can go and move on.

Its quite a problem because its part of the storyline. Maybe they can make that quest optional, not sure, like i said as long as this game has been popular that area has been a problem.

But again good point.

Oct 24, 2010
Try switching realms. I started another new wizard and the realm I was in yesterday had over 6 people waiting. I switched realms and got right in. And yeah, it's frustrating. :)

May 02, 2010
Except for marleybone and wintertusk this seems to be a mistake in design KI just keeps making. Hear me now KI bosses should not wander the streets are be out in the open. They need there own instance each and EVERY time.
They have unique loot and a lots of wizards are gonna want a crack at it.. So stop causing tons of wizards to fight and claw and scream and yell to get a spot.