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Khrysalis- Ruined Alcazar Dungeon Issues

Jun 28, 2012
My mom and I play regularly, we are currently working on the towers in Ruined Alcazar. The first night my character didn't get credit for the Tower of the Crab after a long and drawn out battle, we had to repeat the quest ( I did flee once during the duel, but it was before either boss was killed, I chalked it up to that the first time.) Then last night in the tower of the Serpent my mom (Tatianna Icepyre lvl 99 Ice) didn't get credit and we had to repeat the quest (There was no fleeing involved in this fight.) I signed out immediately after the second run. This morning when I logged in, my character "Alexandra Darkbane, Life, lvl 99" is still in the tower... I found this odd, since usually it dumps me outside the tower or dungeon I was in at the time of sign off. Just thought I should mention it, the losing credit for quests is quite annoying... Especially since we're limited to an hour or so of play time per night through the week due to work schedules. It is valuable time that we could spend advancing rather than having to

I didn't have a problem on Taryn Deathstalker, my Exalted Necromacer, but she soloed her way thought K2 (At least so far, she is in the hive atm)

Mar 27, 2011
Make sure you talk to the creature after you win the fight. If you beat the monsters but don't finish the dialog the quest is not complete.

Sep 17, 2012
When multiple people enter a tower and one doesn't get credit it's usually because they missed the speech. For example, the quest might say "Go to Tower X"... once you enter and talk to someone it will change to "Defeat Bossman". If you still have the "Go to Tower X" part of the quest and not the "Defeat Bossman" part when you start the fight, you will not get credit. In some instances this can be easily remedied by fleeing/leaving, reentering alone, trigger the quest change, then port back to your friend.

Jun 28, 2012
I wasn't given the option to talk to anything after the fight because it still wanted me to defeat the bosses we had just killed. Also, I didn't miss any speeches. I was there for the whole thing.

Unfortunately, we are now in the hive and having More issues. I fled, used recall, took me to a new fight by myself without my crew. This is getting annoying. Now I have to do not one but two boss fights again to get credit. 100 - Alexandra Darkbane