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I'm blind!

Jul 31, 2008
I do not know if it's because i recently downloaded the game into my laptop, but recently, I there are lots of people who i cant see. I can see their pets, but not them. I cant shield them nor heal them either. the same thing happened during a boss as well. I could not see the boss, or rather, I could see a wooden dummy in place of the boss, but I could not target him, so I had to use AoE spells to win the fight.

When this happens you should see an icon in the upper left of your screen indicating you are downloading assets for the game.

You may want to just stand in the commons of a busy realm for a little bit until you've downloaded most of the textures.

Jul 31, 2008
Thank you for your quick reply!

About that, however... Yesterday the loading arrow was stuck. It kept loading a "samurai boot" or a "gentlemen boot" during the entire time I played the game. Mind you, this did not happen the last time I logged in but I thought i should let you know.

Thanks again. :)