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i cant get sword drops in ds

May 30, 2009
hey, i need help i have been fighting avalanche, homunculus, and ivan in dragonspire i have fought all for 4 days straigh and homunculus i have fought about 35 times and the other 20-25 times each i have sene my friends get sword after sword right in front of me, and i have got jack it is really making me mad spending all this time on nothing i think the drop rate needs increased or somthing because 4 days is way to much for a sword its making me want to quit...

May 15, 2009
After farming them so much you CAN sell all unwanted robes hat boots shoes rings etc etc etc and check the bazaar you might find the sword you want

Mar 03, 2009
looks like you got some very bad luck there :P the longest it took me to get something was the jade oni pet, i had to kill him about 20 times to get it and to get the malistare fire robe took me 3 days of hard farming