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Grizzleheim Area Trouble

Aug 11, 2013
Hello all. I have been having some major difficulties trying to continue questing through Grizzleheim. I have been very very excited about finally coming to Wintertusk after Grizzleheim. But it seems that I cannot proceed in questing in the world of Grizzleheim.

For some odd reason, I am not being able to defeat the Gurtok Barrier Demon which is holding me back from going to Wintertusk. My quest finder says I must defeat him, but whenever I go there he keeps asking for feathers. And when I collect feathers it never collects them because quest finder says defeat Gurtok Barrier Demon.

This saddens me that I will never be able to proceed to Wintertusk, for I have been longing to go there ever since I found out about it. Can someone please help me or tell me what to do.

- - - Duncan Death Caster Level 58

Feb 26, 2012
Sounds like you should send a report to W101 tech support. Use the help menu in-game and in there you will find a way to submit a bug report.

Aug 15, 2012
There should be a brazier or something in a corner, try using that and seeing if it lets you fight him.

Aug 11, 2013