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Gobbler King Quest trouble!

Jul 02, 2009
Ok I have reached this quest and I have been beaten a few times. Just now I DID beat him. But even though it showed the prince's body dispear he was still fighting. THough it showed him as defeated and all that. Which in turn I got killed. I tried to go back again but I don't know if it's the game or my computer this time but it was lagging so I had to flee because I couldn't do anything.

But Yeah, I'm just trying to figure out whats up with that. Because I did beat him but there was nothing on his spot but a pip, and I defeated the other guy as well. So I should have won but I guess because of a glitch or something I didn't.

I just want to get some clue on what happened because I know it wasn't on my end this happened.

Mar 09, 2009
This happened to me yesterday as well. I was in Marleybone at the Counterweight East and I was fighting the Clockworks and the Minions. The Clockwork was defeated it even said so but he continued to fight. We beat him next round but still he was dead and fighting.

Feb 21, 2009
I've had guys magically heal themselves when they're dead.
I KO them, but they're still standing them.
Next round, they have about 20hp.
I've even had ones where say they have 250HP & I hit at 250HP.. They don't die.
When it turns back around to them, they still have 1-2hp.
Now, I don't mind this much.. But if I'm almost dead, then it does get annoying.

Jul 02, 2009
It wouldn't bother me to much if it weren't for the fact I died like five times. So it was a kick in the gut when I AT LAST beat him.. and some how he killed me. I have had it happened when I was just fighting normal monsters. But this just drove me crazy!

Sep 06, 2008
I have had this happen to me too. I was in dragonspyre fighting the draconion when i beat one and then next turn it comes back to life with 111 health back.

Mar 21, 2009
Doesent anybody notice that after you get hit you gain 1-3 health points?No........anyone? it applies to the other team too...all you have to do is hit a little harder.it has happened to me also many times