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Ghost Avalon Dungeon Glitch

Feb 10, 2009
Hey! I was fighting in Ghost Avalon against the disloyal knights and something strange occured. My name changed to Princess Heidi?? This must be a glitch since my name clearly isn't Princess. lol

Jun 26, 2012
Well this happened back in like december but when i went into ghost avalon my name changed to Hannah.
This is a hilarious glitch, my friend's name turned into Elvis.

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Sean Stormsword Level 37 Storm "Oni Slayer"
Sean Mythsword Level 16 Myth "Wizard City Protecter"

Mar 16, 2010
It seems like it turns your name into your pet's name. I guess if you have multiple, its random.

Oct 23, 2011
This happened to me too. My name was changed to Amber, and my friends turned into Gus and Mister Abbey. My friend that was there before was normal.

May 30, 2010
When you are disguised as Gamma, you suddenly get a pet's name. If you go in again after that 2 hour polymorph into an owl, you're still an owl, and you have your own name. If you're still in there when the polymorph wears off your name comes back.

Feb 07, 2011
so, my storm wizard entered ghost av after her gamma transformation... and her name randomly changed from sestiva stormblade to amber.

i'm aware that there was, at one time, a glitch that changed the wizard's name to that of his or her pet. but sestiva's pet therizinosaurus is named abbey, so that's obviously not the issue.

please look into this, thanks.

sestiva stormblade, the almost-archmage diviner of awesome sauce.

Jul 28, 2011
This is supposed to happen if it was your storm wizards quest. When ever some one with the quest goes in, their name changes to a random pet name. At least Amber is a good name. Angela Dragonstone changed to Gus LOL

Angie D

May 14, 2009
Lol I had Abbey. XD Emma and Abbey, hmm. Maybe. :P

Emma Archmage ( :D )

May 13, 2010
When I went in my name changed to coco! Another person with meme changed to honey! However, one person didn't change! I almost posted the same thing, so thanks for posting this!

~ Jacob NightHunter Level 83

Oct 23, 2011
I know this has been brought up a lot a while ago. When you change into an owl in Ghost Avalon is your name supposed to change? My name changed to Amber. People say that it changes to your pet's name, but my pet had a different name. I thought it was normal and intentional but then a long while later during the tag game this happened very frequently:
1. My name changed to Amber again
2. I was stuck as a fire elf, even when I mounted my mounts (I was under the mount, halfway through the ground lol)Has this happened to anybody else?

This did happen quite a while ago (Like in February), and I couldn't post due to not having a membership.

So, professor, was it intentional for your name to change during Ghost Avalon? Since my name was consistent when it changed do people have some sort of secret ID not shown normally? Or did I miss an update? Thanks!