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Getting frame drops on GTX 1080

Aug 01, 2009
As the title says, I'm getting serious frame drops on a GTX 1080, 16 gb of Ram, and a i7 processor. I'm honestly super confused, and wondering if there is a setting that I can drop that causes optimization problems? Thanks in advance >:).

Dec 31, 2010
i am on an old lap top that worked fine with this game until the wizard city update, since then i have a terrible time with lag, slow passing through portals, slow dialogue dismissals to continue entering a battle (very annoying as you get late join cheats not to mention a lost pip gain round), often "not responding" and plain old freezing up

i wish i could alter something as well, i have dropped a lot of in game settings to try and smooth out the problems but really , still having a lot of performance issues with the game