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False Reporters Are Not Being Punished

Jun 18, 2013
It seems like people do not feel as their accounts will be sanctioned for false reports. People will report for ANYTHING, this is NOT OKAY. Seeing the "You have been reported!" message is absolutely terrifying! Please do not tolerate false reporters. I am tired of this! I feel like nothing is being done about this!

Sep 10, 2016
I agree. I worked hard to get my account to where I want it to be and spent a lot of money on it. So I would be mad as heck if a false reporter were to have me banned.

A+ Student
Jan 18, 2010
Okay, you may not know, but actions could be taking place behind the scenes. Remember, when a report is submitted;

KI takes a look at the chat log 5-10 minutes before the report was made and also some time after it was made.

You can also contact KI directly to plea your case if you believe you've been the victim of false reporting. Be sure to note all the details and what was done and/or said.


False reports are indeed getting a bit more common, I do agree, but if you aren't guilty of breaking any of the rules, you really have nothing much to be concerned about.

Oct 27, 2009
The reports are reviewed, but it might happen a bit later in the day. They don't tolerate the false reports, but the punishments are not something showy that you would see. It is not a happy thing if you have been reported falsely, but the one who did it might get a punishment later. If they got muted the next time they logged in, you would not know it, but they would, or if KI banned their account. If a little kid was running wild with the report button, their parents probably got an email too. Sometimes the ones doing it don't realize KI has all the chat logged and can check who did what, until later when their report rebounds on them.

If you were obeying KI's terms of use, then a report on you will do nothing to you, so don't be terrified. I think the "you have been reported" message is automated, and gets reviewed by an employee, later in the day. Has KI punished you in any way? If you were say, cursing through the filter because you think those words are okay, and want everyone to hear you, and you got reported for that, then it's not a false report. I know false reports happen, but it they keep doing it, KI might ban their account.

Aug 21, 2013
Here's a question that I have. Just what qualifies as a false report? Is it anything where the reported "offense" wouldn't result in any sort of action against the person reported? Or is it if the report is borders on (or is complete) nonsense?

Like if someone is rude, as far as I know, that's not a reportable offense, because, well, some people are rude and you just have to live with it. However, would KI see that someone was rude and dismiss it? Or would that be considered a false report, and the reporter notified?

Along the same lines, if someone is being reported for a reportable offense, but KI determines that the rules weren't quite broken (but can see why a report was made), would that be considered a false report, or would it be considered a "good faith" report, even though it was determined an infraction hadn't actually been committed?

I'm curious, because recently, someone was initially rude to me, but (IMO) they hadn't broken any rules. Someone else who was a witness to the conversation reported them and when he said something, I pointed out that it wasn't me because #1 I couldn't report anyone (at that time) and #2 as far as I recall, rude doesn't qualify. He hadn't said anything that was extremely offensive or inappropriate (putting it mildly to keep it appropriate here), nor made any threats, etc. So as far as I was concerned, he may have been rude, but oh well.

I'm curious what would likely happened in that scenario. KI?
(By that, I'm not asking what DID happen, on what likely would in a similar situation.)