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Death Attacks Don't Effect Absorb?

Apr 06, 2011
Why don't death school attacks effect absorbs? When bosses use absorb of either ice or life schools, death attacks do not touch the absorbs, and do damage as they would normally. When I cast absorb on myself, similarly, incoming death spells do not effect the absorb, and do the same damage as they normally would. I've never noticed this happening before, but I was just wondering why this is happening. Is it supposed to be like that, for some unknown reason, or is it a glitch?

Scarlet Firerider

Jan 11, 2012
Because life sapping spells are not regular damage spells. Take Skeletal Pirate vs Wraith. The pirate physically attacks and damages the opponent, something absorb prevents. Wraith on the other hand sucks the life out of them and gives the caster half. It's the difference of attack methods. Because no "physical damage" is being done, there is nothing to absorb; there is no incoming damage.

Mar 27, 2011
it's always been that way. Drains aren't damage, so they don't get absorbed.

Jun 27, 2013
All the drain health spells, Ghoul, Vampire, Scarecrow...etc, don't actuall count as attack damage. They hit as Drain Health damage instead. Absorb spells work for straight damage, so don't go into the math for drain spells.
It's always been this way since I started playing a few years back...

Oct 09, 2011
It's only for drains, not all Death attacks. It's not a glitch as it's always been like that (I think).

Feb 07, 2015
Yep. It is done that way to create a sense of balance in the game. Drains do less damage.

Dark Sprite: 80-120 (1 pip), would be 165-205 if (2 pips).
Ghoul: 160 damage, drain back for 50% health.

165-205 is greater than 160, on average by 25 damage points or about 14%.

They added that feature for balance.

Apr 06, 2011
Oh alright, thank you to those of you who are more observant than me. That balance does seem fair.