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Daily Assignment level mix-up?

Feb 04, 2010
I have noticed that usually when completing the Daily Assignments my characters go to progressively "harder" locations when on higher levels. Today I noticed that this was not the case and some characters were sent to, I believe, the wrong location. The task still completed.

My friend had this issue too, but one of her characters was unable to go to the area she was sent to (The Forum) and there was also others asking to teleport to the area.

My characters/assignments are:

Life 40 - Forum / Dragonspyre
Storm 65 - Forum / Dragonspyre
Fire 78 - Royal Museum / Marleybone
Death 99 - Forum / Dragonspyre
Balance/Ice 110 - Forum / Dragonspyre

My friend is questing in Dragonspyre but has not unlocked this area yet - I think it may be due to completing side quests and being a higher level than some people (e.g. through completing just the main quest, lower levels can access the Forum).

Her characters are as follows:

Balance 22 - Firecat Alley
Storm 41 - Forum / Dragonspyre --- Did not have access
Fire 71 - Royal Museum / Marleybone
Life 99 - Royal Museum / Marleybone
Myth/Ice 110 - Forum / Dragonspyre

I'm not sure how the Daily Assignments work in terms of who goes where. However, it was previously working out that the same levels went to the same locations. My 99 Death and her 99 Life were sent to different places, which is fine because being a high level can access all areas. When this happens with a lower level, though, they are unable to reach the location.
I saw quite a number of people in the Basicilla requesting to be taken through to the forum for this reason.

I hope I explained this clearly enough.


The Daily Assignments are divided into groups based on your Wizard's level.

If you have leveled a bit faster than you've progressed through the main storyline, there may be some occasions where you don't yet have access to an area for your Assignment. If you are unable to complete the Assignment for that day, for this or any other reason, you can always come back the next day and continue on with your assignments from there.

Similarly, it won't be unusual to visit lower level areas on a higher level Wizard for your assignment.