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confusing dungeons

Dec 02, 2011
i was doing the waterworks and was at the last battle of the third passageway with my friends but i died and they accidentally killed the enemies before they could heal so i go back to the commons walk the way back and go in i could still go into the fourth passageway i asked my friend where he was and he said he was in the follow the leader room but i was in there and couldnt see my friends they said try going to the commons and i returned but at the last morment of the timer some other people joined and the dungeon was reset for me so i tried going in and out again but i had lost the data of it :( about three hours wasted (i was only aiming to beat sylster because i had the hat) so if there was a way to fix this i would suggest you could port to your friends if you are in the same instance with the waterworks

Jan 17, 2012
I was facing Pholtemos in Celestia when suddenly it didnt target him as an enemy for at least 3 rounds. Definitely sounds like a glitch or a bug.