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Computer shuts of randomly during wizard 101

Jan 20, 2013
My son is a huge wizard101 fan, but we have a problem. His laptop shuts down randomly and instantly with no warning. This only happens when he plays wizard101 or pirate101. The shut downs do not always happen during a battle, they can happen at any point. Today we restored his computer to factory settings and reinstalled wizard101, thinking that perhaps it had a virus or spyware or other issues to make this happen. The computer has not been used for anything else today, at all. Within 10 minutes of starting the game it shut down. We have the game resolution as low as possible. No shadows, no particles, nothing. His computer does not do this when he plays Minecraft, watches YouTube, plays EverQuest or LotRO. He has an Acer running Windows 7. It has an Intel graphics card. He only plays it at a table, using a raised cooling fan. We have cleaned the fans. I've read all the old threads I can find, and followed all the suggestions. I have just finished emailing wizard101 support.

Any other suggestions?

Sep 11, 2012
This happened to me on one of my old computers. If I trained my pet for long enough, my computer would shut down. This happened so much, my old computer got ruined. I contacted support about this on this computer, and they told me it was my computer's fault this happened. All you can do is get a new computer.

Apr 07, 2012
do you have a compac Q this could happen if it overheated keep a fan by it luckily mine dosent do that i dont even have a com