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Broken Recipe?

Feb 10, 2013
I took a screenshot but can't figure out how to insert it here.

I have a Grandmaster Artisan badge, and decided to go back and craft the teleport tapestries. However, when I went to buy the ones from Balthazar Dragonthorn, I couldn't buy the Basilica Tapestry. I had no issues with the Academy Tapestry, but, despite having over 30k gold, I couldn't buy the 5k recipe. The first attempt, it told me I didn't have enough gold. I bought the Academy Tapestry and closed the menu, and when I opened it up again it told me, despite having the Basilica Tapestry highlighted, that nothing was selected. Every attempt either gives the message "Not Enough Gold" or "Nothing Selected" regardless of what I do. The Basilica Tapestry recipe is the only one thats text is red instead of yellow. Even the carousel, which I don't have the gold for, is in yellow text.

It should be noted that everything else seems to be fine. This is the only one I had issue with.

Jan 19, 2015
I've had the same issue with trying to buy the Tapestry to Northgard in Grizzleheim and one other tapestry--I think in Celestia.