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Bogus Spells?

Jun 07, 2010
Ok I had let this go long enough, I was hoping for a fix and nothing yet. I was wondering why a -45% accuracy on target Buff doesn't work 90% of the time? Why have these spells of gender ingame in the first place if they do not work? I am kinda aggravated about this, but this could be a part of me letting it go for so long.

I would cast a -45% accuracy on a target, and they still are able to break through it, I understand a target using a trap, Shield, or blade that they can break through it, well, because these types of spells are 100% guaranteed to be casted, but any regular spell, most of the time gets through. Even Storm, which already has a low accuracy in the first place.

Also. Why does Elemental Blast cast whatever school target is, for a resist hit on it, or if Target has a shield up, say a storm shield, the blast will cast the Storm spell from it? I also seen Fire get used most of the time from Elemental Blast as the first one that comes out of it, and when I would go up against a Ice Creature, knowing, that fire will be first to come out of it, for a boost damage on Ice, it ends up being Ice for a Resist attack.

I know elemental blast is cross your fingers and hope that the spell, IE. Fire, Ice, or Storm will give a boost damage on target, instead of a resist, but this spell has become unpredictable at most, as to what will come out of it. But nothing I am not use to.

But the -45% accuracy is more of the main problem of my aggravation this needs a fix pronto, and Fizzles, but that is another rant.

People will say, "then their will be know challenge to the game if that was the case." I am all up for a challenge, no doubt about that, but if I train in spells, do to my play style, I would like them to work. I am a sub/crown buyer, and I would like a game that I am paying for to be fair. That is all I ask for, a fair game.

Jan 01, 2010
Hey Drifter, are you Balance or just trained up? If your not in the Balance school, I recommend it. I love my Balance wiz!

But to your questions: Others have posted on Black Mantle. It does seem to be broken but KI hasn't indicated if they are looking into it. I quit using it as it never seemed to affect the caster's accuracy at all!

As for Elemental Blast, I actually think this one is working, sorry to say. It just "seems" like it is always picking the wrong one. I have seen the right one come up on many occassions, probably just as many as the wrong one! At any rate, you really only need this against Balance enemies as Judgement will pretty much take care of anything else (that is assuming you're Balance school).

Good luck!

Jul 01, 2009
It only lowers the chance that it will fizzle! It isn't guaranteed to make it fizzle no matter what! Thats is how they break through!

Mar 29, 2009
With Black Mantle it's only taking away a 45% chance. So depending on the spells your opponent uses, the chance for it to fizzle could be minus half, more or less. Basically what i'm saying is you could get lucky and they could fizzle, or they get lucky and dont fizzle. Its kind of half and half.
With spectral blast sometimes i get fire 6 times in a row before i get ice or storm. But if you use it enough you realize your not always getting stuck on the wrong one attacking. :P

Catherine Windrider Lvl 49 Balance

Jun 07, 2010
Yes I am Balance. I also notice if a Creature casts Blackmantle on me, and 99.9% if I cast a shield I will Fizzle the shield, do to the Blackmantle. Now I thought shields where a 100% cast, why does a creatures Blackmantle work on me all the time, and my Blackmantle does not work on them most of the time, almost always?

Blackmantle should affect Storm like crazy, do to the really low accuracy it all ready has, but it has no affect at all, the Storm creature still is able to get the spell through.

If, as a poster said, it is Broken, then KI needs to fix it. this is a game we all pay for in some way, I think it is only fair to us, as the gamers to have a game that works. yeah it is a simple spell, but me, as a gamer. I am not a 1 spell spammer, I would like to use every single spell the developers created on every single School of focus Wizard.

So if a simple spell like Blackmantle does not work, I as a subscriber/crown buyer would like Blackmantle fixed. In away, "get my moneys worth, persay"