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Better Fire Minions

Mar 29, 2009
I am a level 37 fire wizard and i don't like my minion. The best spell it knows is fire elf. All the other minions know 3 pip moves. Some minions even know spells from other schools. So can you please improve the fire minions by letting them know Sun Bird at least?

Feb 14, 2009
actually that is good, you apparently dont know how to cordinate with your minion, i was fighting a lvl fire close to yours with a life about lvl 18 or so and him and his minion kept pounding me with good combos, and at least your minion can use blades traps and shields! ice minion only passes ,uses frost beetle,when you dont want him to - _ - , lightning bats ,storm shark, or fire elf
So dont complain

Dec 31, 2008
actually i too am not that happy about my fire minion. you have a point AlecVolterra but seriously, a fire elf? sure it gives me some fire shields and such but it doesn't really help me at all defeating monsters. i really think its a waste of three pips so thats why i usually regret summoning the elemental so i sacrifice it for three pips back :? anywayz yah i think they should at least make the minions learn a sunbird or something. thats just my opinion, not trying to go against people or anything so yah...

~Blaze DragonFlame, Level 33 Pyromancer

PS: Yah i just got my minion but i still wasn't that excited about it!

Apr 24, 2009
The only real smart minions I have seen is the Death Minion, The Myth minions and the Balance Mander minion and sometimes the Life Minion. Of course the smartness comes from the Ranking up and Death minions are the only ones that rank up. I wish the Myth minions ranked up like the Death ones do especially since Myth relies more on their minions than the other schools. I havent gotten the level 38 Myth minion yet but hear he isnt as smart as the Cyclops minion that you get at level 18. Which I think is ironic that a higher level minion is not as smart as a lower level one.

Jun 16, 2009
You think that's bad? My life minion (Sprite) is the worst of all minions... I've had it where I had under 100 health and it healed itself (not uncommon), letting me die or making me use pips to heal myself. Only attack the life minion ever uses is the imp...

lvl 45 Life & Storm

May 30, 2009
yes i think also that the fire minion stinks i always waste 3 pips for nothing which i could use it for something useful like the sunbird or save for one more pip and just use the meteor which attack all enemies, Yes i think there should be better spells for the fire minion or make another fire minion at a higher rank like the death people with better spells.

Fire & Myth

Dec 13, 2008
I dont know what to say about the fire minion. It is okay but sometimes it does not help at all. I really like the move animate that you get from a hat in wizard city. It is probably the best minion. It uses alot of storm moves like storm shark or kraken.

May 02, 2009
Unlike most of you, I have no complaints about my fire elemental(whom I've nicknamed Flash)

Sure it's best spell is Fire Elf, but what makes him special is that he can chain fire elves and then use a fire trap to increace the damage the move gets over time.

Sure, it would be nice if it could use more spells, but you have to try to look at what makes your minion unique, because my minion is always there to help me out and helps me survive most battles that I might normally wouldn't survive. :D

Thank you Flash, I'm always happy to call on you for help when my friends can't help (no offense to my friends.) 8)

Apr 24, 2009
I know, the quest to get your fire minion is not even worth the minion itself. Especially when the boss and minion are storm resistant and hit you with the hard hitting storm spells, when they dont fizzle, and their hp also is bad especially when you dont have the protection like ice does or the same health. 2k for the boss and 1k for the minion is bad for the type of minion you get. KI either needs to fix the minions or change the quests to fit better the smartness of the minion.

May 28, 2009
I have mixed feelings about my fire minion. I'm convinced that he is completely worthless in PvE. In PvP he has his purpose but I would really like him to be able to fire at least a 3 pip spell. I mean that is how many pips I spent on him, right?
Complaints about him in PvP:
1. He is too random. I never know who hes going to hit until it is too late. Then I cannot change what he is doing. Let me have a function, ANY function, to tell him what to do. I can tell an under 13 wizard "You attack key with fire". Why not have the same chat menu system come out when you summon a minion? So, it would do whatever it wants to and IF I select something in the "Minion Battle Orders" menu then it would switch to that. If it does not have that card in its hand then make it pass.
2. He fizzles a LOT! Wow this guy fizzles more than I do or did before I got out of Wizard City. AND because he fizzles so much I often look over at him and see him with a rack of pips that he will never use because he doesn't use high enough ranked spells.
3. Teach this guy another shield. Fire shield is all i ever see out of him and he rarely gives one to me.
4. He has no idea what it means to save a trap. If you cast a minion you might as well give up on the idea of traps entirely. You will have no idea who he will hit or when until he decides to do it so just pretend none of your traps are there if your going to bring this guy out.
Benefits to Minion in PvP (and why I use him):
1. He can Rip through tower and fire shields like there is no tomorrow. Because he is throwing elf almost every turn he is guarantying me that the opponent will either have to waste a tower or fire shield for each of those turns OR be completely defenseless during that time. As soon as I am ready, BOOM!
2. He's really cool looking! I mean, come on, he is MADE of FIRE! Well, mostly.

Please give this guy a brain and an extra spell and give me the ability to bark orders at the thing. It's like the wizard of oz gone mad. I've got an on fire tin man with no brains and not enough courage to cast a firebird! LOL!

P.S. My Wife stopped using her Life minion when it decided to be nice and heal an Opponent! Can you believe that!? She was playing in PvE and the thing actually healed a MOB! lol