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Beguile Card misbehaves :)

Apr 12, 2010
Question to Death students.
I just got Beguile Card. The target that you use it on is supposed to help you for one turn – that is, the creature will attack its own fellow monsters. So, the problem is… Sometimes it works for two turns in a row, and sometimes it doesn’t work at all! I use it on a monster and he “ignores” it and attacks me. Or, in other cases, he will attack the other monster twice although he is not supposed to. Is this a glitch, or is there something I need to know about this card?

I also have a question about Pacify Card. How exactly it is supposed to be used? I see people use it, but it doesn’t help much.

May 15, 2009

Pacify is a card that decreases the chance of being attacked
say there are 3 wizards in a dual
one casts pacify on the boss ( only one remaining alive)
the boss will have a higher chance of NOT attacking the player who cast said spell
and beguile ONLY works on normal monsters and in pvp all wizards
it does not work on bosses

Apr 12, 2010
Nov 07, 2008
well the explanation is simple (to me). The beguile spell typically works until the enemy casts ONE spell. But if you are in a group and you cast Beguile and then someone attacks the enemy the spell is 'nullified' and will not work. Oh and heres a hint

IT WORKS IN PVP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!