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balance of power

Feb 02, 2009
Greetings and salutations -

I don't know if something along this line has been mentioned before, but I was wondering about the possibility of adding a protection spell to the Balance school's repetoir? I know Balance isn't supposed to be a power hitter like most of your other schools, but sometimes it is very hard to last any time at all in a solo encounter, especially pvp, let alone win against opponents that aren't below your level. Balance should at least have a fighting chance against opponents their own level. Therefore, i have this suggestion:
Would it be possible to add a spell, a shield of sorts to balance's deck, that, when activated, would actually do damage to the casting opponent in the opposite element? For example, lets say I've cast this shield, and am attacked by a fire wizard using the dragon spell. The damage to me is halved, and the half damage done to me is actually reflected back upon the caster (only), but inflicting ice damage adding any boosts my wizard may have in ice. I'm thinking the card might require 4 pips to cast, and that only an opponent's card requiring at least 3 pips to cast will activate it. This would keep the opponent from dispelling it with wands or staves, and force them to make a decision: save their pips to make the stronger attack, and possibly do extensive damage to themselves, or use smaller cards to activate the shield(s), take less potential damage, and take longer to build up their pip count. In my opinion, this might just give someone who is balance more of a fighting chance against opponents who are their own level.
Just an idea :)

Feb 11, 2009
Sounds like a cool spell but it seems too powerful. Its like a tower shield that can't be destroyed be low spels and does damage. It just sounds too powerful of a spell to give balance.

These are just my thoughts