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Avalon Fishing has a major mistake

May 13, 2010
I really enjoy fishing in Avalon! My favorite area to fish in is Lakeshore which is also where I realized that there was a mistake that I don't know can be fixed. I caught a box jelly in lakeshore and I noticed that the aquarium size was regular. All jellyfish are supposed to have tall aquarium sizes, so I thought this was a bit odd. I looked at all the other fish I caught from Avalon and they all have regular sizes even though ones like the obese dragon fish would have a different size (like large). I think Kingsisle forgot to add varying fish sizes to the new fish, which is unfortunate because I like organizing fish by size in my house. It would also be hard to fix this because if you change the fish sizes now I don't know what would happen to players who put fish in regular aquariums before any size changes. I think this should be fixed ASAP so that players have less time to put these fish in the "wrong" aquariums.