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Adding friends offline

Mar 20, 2009
I've got a couple of friends in real life who have just started to play Wizard101. I'd like to add them to my friends list so that I know when they are online. Do I have to find them in-game first in order to add them, or is there a way to add /friend request when they are offline? I have the names, but no way to tell if they are online to find them and friend them.

If there isn't, then we're going to have to call/text each other just to find each other in-game.

If you know someone outside of Wizard101, you can share a True Friend Code with them. This will enable you to talk to them directly, similar to the Text Chat.
To generate a True Friend code, select your online friend from the menu, and click "True Friend". This window will open:

Email or give your friend the code and next time they log in, they can enter the code to be your True Friend. This will automatically add them to your Friends List.

Mar 20, 2009
That's great! I didn't understand that I could generate the code while they were offline and just e-mail it to them. Thank you for the quick answer. You may want to make True Friend a little clearer in the FAQs.