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The Great Mysteries of Grizzleheim

Nov 05, 2011
I've done Grizzleheim twice and Wintertusk once, and i'm currently going through it on my life and I've been wondering, who is Imric GloomLight? I've never had a quest lead to him or from him. I'm heard rumors that he is just a place holder or an unfinished NPC when Grizzleheim came out way long ago (I hadn't joined yet XD). We do know he is the Cryptkeeper to the Hall of the Ice Forge and that he is a ghost as he is transparent. I wonder what his backstory is if he has any. Another mysterious NPC of Grizzleheim is Grumlik the gremlin who just stands there by the entrance of Nidavellir. Like Imric, he says nothing to you nor do any quests lead to him, it can also be assumed that he might of also been an unfinished NPC. Also in Nidavellir, there are two doors that we cannot enter, one has a sun by the entrance while the other has a moon, I wonder what their meaning was if there was one or if we will ever go there in the future? Finally, I've always been curious about what is in the ravine of Nidavellir, though there is probably nothing. Other than these mysteries, does anyone know of any other ones in Grizzleheim or have any thoughts?

~Amber HawkSong

May 02, 2009
No clue honestly, and it's a shame that he's not used in any quest as we could get some pretty good lore out of this undead raven I reckon.