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Something odd I've noticed while in Grizzleheim

Dec 19, 2013
It's like an asteroid landed there or something. The compass is way off in some places and I have to rely on guessing where to go (Not in areas with hidden maps or anything...).
I also notice that (Even though I am level 45 at time of posting and have 47% power pip chance...) power pips are appearing less.
Odd, isn't it?

Details are added (More, at least...).
Think about tossing a coin. Near 50% odds on a power pip.
The navigation system just suddenly points you in the wrong direction or adds on new steps signaling you need to go elsewhere, but then you realize after checking the route the navigation system wants you to go to now, you find that it is wrong.

New goodies (Problems, in other words.):
In Grizzleheim, you need to play the game an extra level to fill up a potion. In any other world I've been to so far to refill, I haven't had this problem, so I'm reporting it.

Spells just keep fizzling in Grizzleheim. I mostly used 100% chance of success spells but all of my death spells underneath that (85% here.) just kept fizzling throughout my time in Grizzleheim.

I had a hard time with the dungeon in Vigrid _______ once I got to the final boss. It took me a while to figure out that it would've saved me a ton of losses (Which shouldn't have happened. Level 45 at time vs. a rank 5 boss and two bears should've been a cakewalk.). Any time I tried to attack, the attack spells mostly fizzled. I got too many weakness charms. I got hit by enhanced (35% to next spell, traps... I was receiving about 495 damage every few turns per attack? Well, not the wyverns. They deal less damage than sharks even though they're a 4 pip spell.) sharks, wyverns, cyclops, and 3 pip spells which made any chance at healing useless. These were one after another all in a row.

The Spirit Armor did not work properly. I am pretty sure I had shields (For possible cyclops and to make the healing more effective on Sacrifice.) on before the first spell (Which I think was a cyclops. If it wasn't, then...) hit and before I healed using Sacrifice. If I didn't have shields on for , then I still had a weakness charm that should've activated as I was attacking (Myself, but I was attacking.).

HP at time: 2401
MP at time (I feel like I should mention this...): 399
Power pip chance at time: 47% (Nearly 50%! Like I say, imagine tossing a coin. 50% chance to land on heads, but imagine a coin that keeps landing on tails.)
Sub-class (In other games they call it this, so...): - I'm seriously thinking about getting a life mastery amulet...

If this should've been posted in the section for glitches or reported by email, let me know.

Mar 25, 2010
Compass my be off due to multiple ways to get to your location or side roads that mess it up. As for your power pips, I am currently a level 78 death with a 96% power pip chance and I still don't get power pips all the time. Your percentage is not very high, so you shouldn't expect a power pip even half of the time.

May 26, 2016
The world doesn't make a difference on when you get power pips or when you fizzle. You were probably just unlucky in those battles. As adam said your power pip chance isnt high enough to get power pips most of the time. Im a lvl fifty six storm wizard and i have roughly a seventy percent power pip chance (i srsly dunno why its so high at my lvl) and i dont get a power pip every time. Also the navigation problems you are having i get that all the time. When i go down a ramp for example and it tells me to go right i go right then it tells me to go left. But if you really dont like that problem just turn it off in your settings.

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